Making Lunch Boxes Fun – Funny Photos

I like to find ways that I can slip a little bit of myself home into the Happy Buddy’s lunch box so that he doesn’t fall in love with his teachers and forget me will always remember what a great place home is.


During one of my 3 am pumping sessions I played around on PicMonkey (get ready ‘cuz this site is gonna change your world FOREVER) and created a few fun photos to slip into the Happy Buddy’s lunch box.

A little step up from the Post-It, so to speak.

Here’s what I came up with…

One from me. :-)

One from the Happy Baby.

*Note – Here’s a little bonus idea!  Maybe one day have siblings write the lunch box notes for each other!  What a great way to encourage kindness between brothers and sisters.*

And crazy awesome silliness with his daddy.

*I think the Happy Hubby looks pretty good with a ‘stache!*

These photos are just the thing to give your Happy Buddy a little piece of home while they chew their lunch box goodies.

P.S. Do you have a pet?  You could totally spice up a photo of Oreo the cat or Spot the dog doing or saying something goofy – that would really inspire some giggles at the lunch table.  Have fun!

Happy Funny Photo-ing! :-)

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