Making Lunch Boxes Fun – Gift Wrap

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Here is a fun lunch box idea that is a real celebration!

Take your ordinary lunch box filled with ordinary items…

Grab a roll of wrapping paper…

(I got this happy wrapping paper from Wal-Mart.)

And individually gift wrap each food!

Who doesn’t love opening a present, right!?

Happy Lunch Box Gift Wrap-ing! :-)

*Disclaimer – Having been a teacher, it did occur to me that if your Happy Buddy is in preschool, like mine is, then their teacher might not appreciate the extra effort you put forth to make the lunch box so special…  I mean, it might be an uber distraction and take a long time to unwrap each thing.

Instead of gift wrapping EVERY item, maybe just wrap up a special treat – like homemade brownies or chocolate milk (a rare blessing for the Happy Buddy!).

But for the sake of fun, I texted the Happy Buddy’s teacher this morning, “Please excuse the Happy Buddy’s lunch today…  Just roll with it.  I promise it will never happen again! :-)”*

25 thoughts on “Making Lunch Boxes Fun – Gift Wrap

  1. Oh I am LOVING these lunchbox ideas!!!! Quick and easy but soooo much fun!!! Perfect!!! Thank you Happy Home Fairy!!! Once again you’re helping me be a fabulous Mommy!!! ;) we love you!!!

  2. I love this idea but my kids are in elementary school and they only get 20 minutes for lunch! It’s all they can do to cram their food down. It’s such a shame. Maybe I could wrap one special treat every now and then. Also, the teachers are nuts about garbage…I can only imagine what wrapping paper would make them do :D

    • I think wrapping ONE is a great idea, and it should be something that is a real treat, like a homemade cookie or rice krispie treat, etc…

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  6. I am so hitting my high schooler up with this. She will wonder what the heck got into me, which will be a giant win. i think her friends will get a kick out of it,

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