Summer Science

I have a whole list of posts planned to help your Happy Home have the best summer ever, so when I can, I will be getting those up for you!

The Happy Buddy and I have been enjoying time at home with the Happy Baby.

When he is napping, we have fun experimenting with some of these super cool (and simple) science projects.

Click Image for Idea

Did you know that if you fill a Ziploc bag with water, seal it up, and then poke some sharpened pencils through it, the bag will not break?

Sally J Shim gives the low down on this fun Pencil Vs. Ziploc Bag experiment.

Click Image for Idea

Here is a great Discovery Jar idea from Pre-School Play.

Fill a plastic bottle with cut up pipe cleaners, then use a magnetic wand to move the pieces around.

This would be a fun thing to pop in the car for a long road trip!

Click Image for Idea

Wow your Happy Buddies with Martha Stewart’s magic of filling up a balloon without blowing any air into it.

Click Image for Idea

A neat lesson in temperature – Hot Car Crayons from Come Together Kids.

Click Image for Idea

You will never guess that that giant mountain of fluff is an exploded bar of Ivory soap.

All you need for this awesomeness from Our Best Bites is soap and a microwave.

Click Image for Idea

Whip up a little Magic Potion with your Happy Buddies and watch their eyes get wide with amazement!

Find the easy peasy how-to at Not Just Cute.

Click Image for Idea

Did you know that if you put a Skittles candy in water the ‘S’ will literally float to the surface?!

The Happy Buddy and I did this yesterday with an M&M and it was so rad.

Check it out at PreKinders.

Click Image for Idea

A simple balloon can be transformed into something electrifying over at Classic Play.

Click Image for Idea

Happy Home Fairy shared these super fun Kitchen Fireworks last July.

Click Image for Idea

And, finally, attending a summer birthday party?

Why not spend an inexpensive $20 on a Homemade Science Kit with FREE Printable Experiment E-Book to make a gift that will keep on giving!

I Can Teach My Child has everything you need to be the coolest present-giver ever.

So now you know what to do when the kids are getting restless and you want to wow them with your mad scientist skills.

Happy Summer Science-ing! :-)

The Fairy would love to hear from YOU! :-) Seriously, it's my favorite. Leave a comment!

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