Father’s Day Traditions

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to buying gifts for the hubs, I draw a huge blank!

Because unless it’s super expensive (like a new iPad, Taylor guitar, or scuba diving trip), than my man is content – he doesn’t ask for much.

Well, I am here to tell you that getting the Happy Hubby something for Father’s Day doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time/effort.

Having a tradition to get excited about year after year is sure to give the daddy of your Happy Buddies just what he needs to feel loved and appreciated this Father’s Day.

Here are Happy Home Fairy’s Top 10 Tradition Ideas for Dad’s Day

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Bambina Mia wakes her hubby up with a plate of ‘Dad-cakes’ every Father’s Day.

You can find excellent directions on how to do this by clicking HERE.

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2 Clever Blog has her Happy Buddies decorate a tie for their dad every year.

He is a pastor and the rule is he has to wear his Funky Father’s Day Tie throughout the Sunday morning service!

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This tradition is perfect if your hubs has a sweet tooth for ice cream.

Host an Annual Ice Cream Tasting Contest!

Buy a variety of pint-sized ice cream cartons.Β  Cover up the outside labels with scrapbook paper.

Then have everyone taste the different ice creams and write down what flavor they think each is.

The person with the most correct guesses gets a special trophy until the next year’s Ice Cream Tasting Contest.

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Speaking of trophies…

How hilarious is this one?!

Or So She Says holds a different kind of competition with her Happy Home each Father’s Day.

Her Happy Buddies compete against their dad in a series of activities (like hula hooping, Jenga-building, trampoline tricks, etc.) to see who (the kids or dad) will get to keep that funny trophy for the year.

Check out more of her activity suggestions HERE.

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This is a wonderful way to record your Happy Buddy’s thoughts about their dad each year.

Pick up an adorable FREE Printable Father’s Day Questionnaire from The Crafting Chicks, fill it out with your kids and then slip it into a frame for a sentimental (and entertaining!) gift. :-)

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Capture your Happy Buddies in a memorable photograph every year with one of these creative Father’s Day Photo Ideas.

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Give Dad a new book for him to read with his Happy Buddies each Father’s Day.

Go HERE for some hilarious and sweet Father/Child book suggestions.

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Father’s Day weekend is the perfect time to send your Happy Buddies outside toΒ go Camping with their dad in the backyard.

Read more about that awesome tradition HERE.

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Your Happy Hubby will love looking forward to being crowned King for a Day every Father’s Day!

Dedicate the entire day to meeting dad’s every need.Β  Decorate a throne (his fave recliner), provide him with all his favorite snacks and meals throughout the day, have the kids give his back a good scratching, and don’t forget to make him a super special crown.

You can see some super awesome King for a Day Crown Inspirations HERE.

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And, finally, this tradition will make you giggle- host a Papa Pizza Party!

Pick up a bunch of ingredients for homemade pizza – including lots of topping options.

Then let your Happy Buddies create their own personal pizzas using the toppings to make their pizzas look like dad.

Find more funny Papa Pizza examples HERE.

I hope one of these ideas will become a much anticipated celebration in your Happy Home year after year!

Happy Father’s Day Tradition-ing!

*Don’t forget to check out all of my other Father’s Day Ideas HERE!*

4 thoughts on “Father’s Day Traditions

  1. Thank you for the great ideas. This kind of creativity is not my natural thing and our Happy Daddy is like yours; if it’s not an expensive electrical gadget, he doesn’t really care.
    Love the ties, but I think it will be the crown that we make for him and grandpa to wear at the restaurant this Sunday!! :-D

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