My Refrigerator Overflows…

There are no words to describe it.

People have literally been bringing us like five-course meals EVERY DAY since the Happy Baby was born.

Food falls out on us when we open the fridge door.

When David spoke in the 23rd Psalm that his “cup overflows” he was saying that God’s provisions for his life were of great abundance.

Not only was his cup (his life) full of provisions, but it overflowed with them.

Our Happy Home fridge is a reminder of His faithful provisions.

That even though we are walking through a pretty dark valley right now, we have this great hope that He will never leave us to want.

We come to Him humbly each day, hungry for His comfort and presence, and He feeds us until we are more than satisfied.

“He has filled the hungry with good things…” Luke 1:53

Thank you to all of our sweet friends who have brought us food and helped us call to mind the great goodness of our God.

(But if you could please stop sending brownies, then maybe my waistline wouldn’t overflow out of my jeans.Β  That I find harder to praise God about.)


7 thoughts on “My Refrigerator Overflows…

  1. I just started following your blog in the last couple months….I was so excited to see your in Broward county Florida…not many local mommy blogs out there!! LOL Thank you so much for all you do…even with all your going threw, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family daily. When I read this posting it made me think of a dear friend of mine who had a brain tumor removed almost two years ago that also left her completely blind. She has 3 children (ages 5-15) and with school schedules, her recovery and just general household upkeep she needed daily help and a neighbor of ours recognized a web site Its basically a care calender, where we were able to sign up to help her family with whatever they needed they set it up and sent out a email so we could help where they needed it most ie, driving her to drs appointments or the kids to lessons or classes, laundry, cleaning, yard work and of course meals (a family can only eat pasta for so many weeks straight…) It was great because we were able to help where they really needed it, It was hard for them to set it up because as a family of 5 who ran their own business they were very self sufficnet but it was a time of need and we all wanted to help as much as we could….I dont know if it would be something your able to do but I get the idea you have a large circle of friends and family that want to help out as much as they can. :O)

  2. OOps I forgot the fact it is free…lol since we used it for so long I did make a small donation after all it really made my life with a 2 year old at the time so easy to help them out but over all it’s free :O)

  3. Are you sure this isn’t MY refrigerator? Since my son’s accident, we’ve experienced the same wonderfulness, Julie. Isn’t the body of believers just awesome?!!

  4. Thats soooo nice!!! Are refrigerator looks pretty much the same way………..are you sure its not OURS??? :0)

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