An Irish Feast for St. Patrick’s Day – FREE Printable!

Make this St. Patrick’s Day extra special by planning a festive Irish Feast for your Happy Home!

Here is a great menu suggestion that the whole family will enjoy!

Click Image for Idea

The Happy Hubby and I just LOVE this Irish Beef Stew recipe.

We’re not huge on Corned Beef and Cabbage, so we’re pretty thrilled that we found something else to eat that still seems authentic enough. :-)

Click Image for Idea

Have you ever had the biscuits at Red Lobster??  This recipe comes out wayyyyy better than those – and it couldn’t be easier. :-)

I guarantee that these Leprechaun Treasure Biscuits will have your Happy Home fighting over the last one as if they really were treasure!

Click Image for Idea

Who could resist eating their fruit when displayed in such a glorious manner???

Just looking at that presentation brings a smile to my face!

Or, if you don’t have time to cut up all that fruit, a simple green salad (like my famous Broccoli Salad of Wonder) would do the trick. :-)

Click Image for Idea

For dessert, these simple Rainbow Sugar Cookies from Katherine Marie Photography are just the thing for your little leprechauns.

Simply press M&Ms into refrigerated sugar cookie dough and bake.  Adorable!

Or, as another easy alternative, decorate some green frosted cupcakes with Skittles or Lucky Charms.

And there you have it!

An entire meal that celebrates March 17th!

If you’d like to have a printout of all the recipes in one place, simply click the link below. :-)

Click Image for Printable

Click HERE for your FREE Printable St. Patrick’s Day Feast!

Don’t forget to have everyone wear as much green as possible, sport their leprechaun ears, and discuss the important questions presented on these FREE Printable St. Patrick’s Day Conversation Cards.

Happy Irish Feast-ing! :-)

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