A Marriage Moment :-)

This post is all about you and your Happy Hubby.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are a few websites/articles that have really blessed me in my pursuit of honoring God with my marriage and having some fun!

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The one piece of marriage advice that keeps ringing in my ears is to date your spouse.

This article featured at How Does She? has 8 Dating Tips that will spice up the time you two love birds spend together.

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Once you’ve brushed up on your dating techniques, check out this post at Six Sisters’ Stuff that has the BEST list of 50 Fun and Cheap Date Ideas.

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You might be thinking – as I so often do – it’s HARD to actually GET OUT when you have a little one under your roof, so here is a fantastic list of creative things you and your Happy Hubby can do together – all while your Happy Buddy is sleeping in his bed!

This list has really helped me to be intentional about that precious time I have with the Happy Hubby after the Happy Buddy is sweetly dreaming.

Check it out at Simply Modern Mom!

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Another fabulous thing you can do at home is whip out this Emergency Romance Kit from Happy Home Fairy.

Just what you need to regroup after a long day!

Plus, you could make a few for your friends to enjoy with their Happy Hubbies! :-)

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When we CAN get out on a date, I am definitely going to try this Bookstore Date from The Dating Divas!

The Happy Hubby and I both love to read, so I think he will have a blast with these super fun (and totally free) activities.

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Blessed Mommy posted 101 Ways to Tell Your Husband “I Love You.”

I agreed with everything she said and think that if you choose a few to do each day – your marriage will blossom into something so sweet and so strong and so pleasing to Jesus.

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Print this FREE Printable from Just Make Stuff and stick it in an 8×10 frame.  Use a dry erase marker to answer the question each day for your Happy Hubby to read and be encouraged.

They need to know we are on their side!

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Or pop one of these FREE Printable Love Notes from Crafts and Sutch into random places around your Happy Hubby’s things for him to find.

I personally like to stick notes for the Happy Hubby under the toilet seat lid – haha!

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And, finally, I really enjoyed this article about Valentine’s Day Expectations from one of my favorite daily reads, The Generous Wife.

Her wisdom will really help you make sure that Valentine’s Day is a blessing for you both.

Now go give your Happy Hubby a call or a text and let him know how much you love him!

Happy Marriage-ing! :-)

“I have found the one my soul loves…” Song of Solomon 3:4

3 thoughts on “A Marriage Moment :-)

  1. Just printed out my I love you because printable this morning. Also, I must email you a heart wrenching story about the emergency date kit soon. Thanks for always having such great ideas and inspirations.

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