Valentine’s Day Advent Ideas

Yesterday I shared a neat way to countdown to Valentine’s Day with your Happy Home using some FREE Printable Bible verse cards!

I hope you liked them. :-)

Today I wanted to share a few more ways to create an air of excitement and anticipation for February 14th.

To kick things off, we need a little chocolate.

Click Image for Idea

When I saw this adorable Kiss Countdown from East Coast Mommy, I knew it would be a fun, easy, and delicious project that any Happy Buddy would leap out of bed for each day!

Click Image for Idea

The Frugal Girls made this super simple Valentine Activity-a-Day Countdown using just paper, scissors and glue.

Each day leading up to the 14th, your Happy Buddy can choose a strip of paper from the pocket to reveal a fun Valentine-related activity to do!

Go HERE to see their list of daily activity ideas.

Click Image for Idea

Cookie sheet craft projects are all the rage right now because they are an inexpensive way to do something cute and magnetic. :-)

I Love It All with Monika Wright made the cheerful one above using very few supplies.

If you decide to do this project, you could totally stick one of Happy Home Fairy’s FREE Printable Valentine Bible Verse Cards in each of those sweet heart-shaped tins!

Click Image for Idea

I am LOVING this super fun and simple Countdown to Valentine’s Day with 14 Acts of Love project over at Make and Takes.

There is even a fabulous FREE Printable for you to use!

Click Image for Idea

Pressed Down, Shaken Together made this precious Valentine Advent Banner for her Happy Hubby.

She simply decorated a batch of 14 brown bags and stuck a love note in each one.

The love notes she wrote are shared on her blog – they are SOOOOO CUTE.  I love how affirming and specific she is to her man.  They need that from us!

Check it out HERE.

Click Image for Idea

Finally, do you remember the awesome little Valentine Mailboxes our Happy Home made last year?

I saw them in the Target Dollar Bins again this week… I was seriously tempted to buy them all.

You could stick a daily treat, note or Bible verse in your Happy Buddy’s on the mornings leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Don’t forget to turn the flag up with each delivery! :-)

I hope you found some great inspiration here to celebrate the love during the month of February!

Happy Valentine’s Day Advent Idea-ing! :-)

4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Advent Ideas

  1. Hi. great ideas thank u. we don’t get those cute mailboxes here in Australia but I do have a paper pattern that I will use instead to make one. after reading the generous wife post and link about not settling for just ok in marriage, I am definitely ggoing to be doing more of your lovely ideas this year instead of just reading them! Thanks for taking the time to blog.

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