A Happy Home Winter Challenge – FREE Printable!

Sharing God’s love with the people in our world is one of the BEST ways to teach our Happy Buddies about God’s greatest commands for us – To Love Him and To Love Others.

Part of my mission as the Happy Home Fairy is to equip you with magical ways to bring the Good News to others.

This Winter, I thought it would be neat to give you a Happy Home Challenge.

The challenge is easy!

Simply print the 8 Snowman Cards (download at bottom of post) that say, “Jesus Loves You Snow Much.”

Cut them up.

Now here’s the fun part!

Decide as a family how you want to share your 8 cards.

The goal is to hand out all 8 cards by the end of January.

Here are a few ideas of ways to use your cards…

When you have visitors to your home this month and they leave their shoes by the door, slip a card in their shoe.

What a delightful surprise to find as they are preparing to leave!

When you are visiting someone else’s Happy Home this month, tape a card to their toilet seat lid before you leave as a happy little reminder.

When you are returning checked out materials to the library, slip a card between the pages of one of the books.

Only God knows who the recipient of such a pleasant message will be. :-)

Whip together a batch of Snow Crunch (AMAZING), slip into bags, and tie cards on with some pretty ribbon for sweet gifts to give out to the people who work at your grocery store or church.My Happy Home friend made a whole family of these Oreo Sucker Snowmen and brought them to our January MOMs group.

She added the cards to the pops for an extra little blessing.

Slip a card into your Happy Buddy’s lunchpail. :-)

Next time you fill your car with gas, leave a note on the nozzle for the next customer to enjoy.

I’ll bet your mail person will LOVE hearing the Good News!

And, yes, I am aware that our mailbox is in desperate need of a scrubbing. :-)

I just love sending notes of encouragement to the bank tellers through that magic little delivery tube.

Those bank employees must get tired of passing money and checks and deposit slips back and forth all day, so why not mix it up for them? :-)

And just the other day I slipped one of my cards into our water bill payment.

Oh, the possibilities are endless!

I can’t wait to hear about some of the fun ways your Happy Home shares Jesus’ love this month!

In the mean time, I’ll be praying for all the many recipients of the Best News EVER!

Have SNOW much fun!

Here’s a sneak peak at the cards… (link at bottom of post.)

Get your FREE Printable Jesus Loves You Snow Much Cards HERE!

Happy Happy Home Winter Challenge-ing! :-)

6 thoughts on “A Happy Home Winter Challenge – FREE Printable!

  1. What a great idea (again) I am excited to present this to my family. Simple but mighty. Thanks again for giving us ways to make life magical!

  2. great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!! we printed some out and were try to place them places but we left them at home by accident the first time we went to the bank :) :0)

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