Creepy Crawlies

On Tuesday you got to see the Spider Web Craft that the Happy Buddy and I glitter-ized for our Happy Home!

Couldn’t resist sharing a few more creepy crawly ideas with you… :-)

Click Image for Instructions

First of all, what Happy Buddy wouldn’t want to wake up to a plate of these Spider Pancakes from Oopsey Daisy?

Click Image for Instructions

Or how about these adorable (and healthy) Spider Crackers from My World of Crazy Fun for a little after school snack?

Click Image for Instructions

Chicken Babies had the most brilliant idea of surprising her Happy Home with an Indoor Spider Web for them to crawl through!

How magical is that?!?!

Click Image for Instructions

Make these awesome (and super simple!) Spider Hats from House of Baby Piranha for your Happy Buddies to wear and scare Dad when he gets home from work.Β  Teehee. :-)

Click Image for Instructions

These Spider Handprints from Our Nifty Notebook are the perfect keepsake this October.

Click Image for Instructions

It would be a cinch to spin together a few of these Pipe Cleaner Spider Lollipops from Home Confetti and hand out as classroom treats.

Click Image for Instructions

Pop a few of these Spider Ice Cubes from Fahrenheit 350into everyone’s drink glasses for a dinner time startle.

Click Image for Instructions

Make and Takes came up with these cute little Q-Tip Spiders and Web Paper Plates!

Click Image for Instructions

And, finally, this Paper Plate Spider Candy Holder from Parents is a fantastic way to store your little Trick-or-Treater’s loot!

I know your Happy Home will creep its way to fun with any of these spider-y ideas.

Happy Creepy Crawl-ing! :-)

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