EEK! A Spider!

While I am not a huge fan of finding them in my shower or crawling up the wall next to my comfy chair…

God did make ‘all creatures great and small,’ so I thought the Happy Buddy and I would celebrate these creepy lil’ guys yesterday.First we used some Elmer’s glue to paint a spider web on an orange piece of paper.Then a little someone got to have the time of his life sprinkling silver glitter all over the wet glue.


You will have glitter everywhere.

When we were snacking on some apple slices later that morning we giggled when we discovered one of our apples had a piece of glitter on it! :-)While your sparkly web is drying, use some black construction paper and googly eyes to make a few spiders.Then place your spider on the web!

We must have made 1,000 of these webs and spiders yesterday because after we made one, the Happy Buddy immediately wanted to make another, and another, and another.

Now we have a cute little project to give to 1,000 of his closest friends!

And I have a house covered in sparkles!

Life doesn’t get much better than this, does it??! :-)

Happy Spider Craft-ing!

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