Fall Comfort Food – FREE Printable Recipes!

Last month I shared a week’s worth of simple and delicious dinner recipes for your Happy Home!

The response was overwhelmingly positive –

So I had to do it again. :-)

But this time I am featuring some of my favorite Fall Comfort Foods.

They may not all jive together in one week (maybe, if you really dig soup!), but they are all amazingly yummy!


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Beef Barley Soup

I am proud to share this unbelievably fabulous recipe that my family inherited from my sister-in-love’s mom.

The Happy Buddy still has a list of only 3 things that he eats, but when we served him this soup, the list was immediately expanded. :-)

Serve with a green salad and crusty bread.


Image Source

Bruschetta Chicken Bake

Serve with mashed potatoes and steamed green beans.


Image Source

Mimi’s Corn Chowder (for the slow cooker)

Serve with extra crackers.


I don't remember the Image Source on this pic!

Baked Macaroni and Cheese

*Note – When we make this awesome-ness, we always use freshly shredded cheese (and a whole lot more than what the recipe calls for!).  It makes the WORLD of difference in taste.*

Serve with whole grain chicken nuggets and steamed carrots and peas.


Image Source

Lazarus Mummy Dogs

I never really want to focus on death in our Happy Home, so I had to figure out a way to redeem these ever-popular and oh-so-adorable (and super easy to make) hot dog mummies.

After a brainstorming session with the Happy Hubby, we came up with this…

In the book of John, chapter 11 in the the Bible, the story is told of a man, Lazarus, who died.

In that particular place and time, the custom was to wrap the dead bodies in strips of cloth and put them in a tomb.

Well, then Jesus came along and rolled the stone of Lazarus’ tomb away and raised him from the dead!

Wouldn’t it be fun to make these hot dog mummies and tell your Happy Buddies the story of Jesus’ amazing miracle while you dine?

Talk about what Lazarus must have looked like walking out of the tomb all wrapped up… Image what he might have smelled like… :-)

You can read the story of Lazarus HERE.

Your Happy Buddies are going to LOVE it!

Serve with homemade applesauce and pumpkin cookies.

And, like last month, I made it simple and put 4 of the above recipes in a cute printable for you!

Click Image for Printable Recipes

And to make it even EASIER for you, I made you a FREE Printable grocery list!

Click HERE for your Happy Home Fairy’s Week of Dinners – Fall Comfort Food Edition!

I can’t wait to hear how you all enjoy these treasured recipes!

Happy Fall Comfort Food-ing! :-)

9 thoughts on “Fall Comfort Food – FREE Printable Recipes!

  1. So Glad I found your blog! So many Yummy recipes! This last weekend I had the Corn Chowder at Mimi’s. I loved it! So excited that I “happened” onto your blog! Thanks for sharing these recipes!

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  3. Love these recipe printables. I print them off and hang them on the side of my fridge. So easy to use when I don’t have any fast ideas for dinner. I always make sure to have the ingredients for a few of these on hand, makes my day so easy. Keep them coming! TFS

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