Lunch Box Accessorizing

I am all about accessorizing.

I don’t leave home without wearing glitter – that is my accessory of utmost priority.

But did you know that you can accessorize food?

Sometimes it’s the shape of a sandwich or the fact that the grapes are skewered with a magical toothpick that makes all the difference to a lunch box.

You might even get your Happy Buddy to eat his broccoli with some of these accessorizing ideas!

First, let me introduce to my latest obsession.

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Food picks!

Just nestling a few of these cuties into your Happy Buddy’s lunch box is sure to put a smile on their face as they get ready to dig in!

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Cookie Cutter Lunch knows how to work the food pick.

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Another Lunch also uses food picks to make the lunch box presentation a little more glamorous.

You can find adorable food picks to buy HERE.

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Or, if you don’t want to spend the money, you could totally make your own food picks (using toothpicks and leftover dot stickers – so clever) like Frugal Family Fun did.

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Cookie Cutters are a MUST for making sandwiches magical.

The cookie cutter above is from a fabulous new line of sandwich-cutting accessories called Lunch Punches.

There are dinosaur ones and whimsical fairy ones and even ones that turn your sandwich into a puzzle!

You can find them on Amazon.

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Meet the Dubiens features a Fun Food idea every Friday – you’ll be so inspired by what she can do with a cookie cutter!

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Lisa Storms is also very skilled with cookie cutters.

You can find an extensive collection of affordable and adorable cookie cutters on Amazon, too!

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Does anyone else think this stack of silicone muffin cups are just the happiest sight to behold?

Now let’s see them in action in a Happy Buddy’s lunch!

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What a colorful display of snacks!

And we all know how most Happy Buddies feel if one of their foods happens to be touching another, so not only do they look cute, they provide necessary boundaries, too.

Buy these multi-functional beauties HERE.

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And then, my friends, there are these edible colored food writers!

Look at all of the creative things you can Picasso on your Happy Buddy’s lunch!

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You can give string cheese some personality.You can make merry little snowmen at Christmastime.

I can't remember where I found this pic - sorry!

Or, simply decorate your Happy Buddy’s sandwich with a love note!

Whatever you choose, just remember, it’s those little Lunch Box touches that communicate heaps and mounds of Happy Home love!

Happy Lunch Box Accessorize-ing! :-)

5 thoughts on “Lunch Box Accessorizing

  1. I’m obsessed with bento lunches lately, my daughter started first grade so I have to prepare her lunches and she loves when I make her cute bento style lunches :)
    Thanks for sharing all those links!

  2. wow, i love this post so much! will have to bookmark this and remember it for when i’m a mom!

    i would love for you to come link up this or any other amazing project at my creativity party going on right now!

    thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Cute ideas! I have those picks myself. I especially love the sad giraffes, but my daughter refuses to take them to school :( I guess they’ll just live in my lunches.

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