Popsicle Party

The Best Summer Ever at Happy Home Fairy will be winding down this week as I have been itching to share some awesome inspirations for Back to School.

I know, I know… School is still a bit aways for many of you and I don’t mean to rob you of the glorious savoring of summer’s final weeks…

But you’ll love all of the ideas – I promise. :-)

However, Summer is still going strong and what better way to celebrate the sweltering heat than whipping up some homemade popsicles with your Happy Home?

Here are a few recipes the Happy Buddy and I are trying to choose from…

Click Image for Recipe

Craft kicks things off with 4 different homemade popsicle recipes that look so yummy I almost licked my computer screen.

Seriously. :-)

Click Image for Recipe

Does anyone else equate watermelon with Summer?

These Watermelon Pops from The Idea Room are like the best combination of the season you could ever imagine.

Click Image for Recipe

Does anyone else think that these Rainbow Pops from Sandy Toes and Popsicles are like the most magical-looking dessert ever?!

Click Image for Recipe

Good ole’ fashioned homemade Creamsicles from Almost Unschoolers.

I remember enjoying these in the summer between sprinkler runs when I was growing up.

Click Image for Recipe

Your Happy Home will be rooting for these Root Beer Float Pops from Erin Cooks!

Click Image for Recipe

I am berry excited about Our Best Bite’s Strawberry Creamsicles.

Click Image for Recipe

I think one of my greatest weaknesses in life (besides a giant bathtub of glitter) is chocolate pudding and Oreos.

I am not even kidding when I tell you that I had these popsicles the night before we found out we were pregnant with the Happy Buddy!  I’ve got a bit of a sweet spot for them!

Cookies and Cream Pops from Kraft Foods.

Click Image for Recipe

Pure happiness, right?!

Confetti Pops from Country Living.

Click Image for Recipe

I had to throw something unique in the mix that I know will make your Happy Home go bananas!

Chocolate-Covered Frozen Banana Pops found HERE.

Click Image for Instructions

If your Happy Buddies get really into the whole making-homemade-popsicles-thing, then why not make a popsicle-themed craft too?

Check out this color-learning Rainbow Popsicle idea HERE!

Click Image for Printable

Or your Happy Buddies can color their own popsicles with this sweet printable coloring page from Make and Takes.

Click Image for FREE Printable

And if you’re perfectly content with store bought popsicles, the next time you buy a box, grab another, because this cute tag from Eighteen25 will transform it into a fun gift for the neighbors!

I think the Happy Buddy and I are just going to make all of the recipes here and have an End of Summer Popsicle Party.

Happy Popsicle Party-ing! :-)

5 thoughts on “Popsicle Party

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  2. All of those popsicles look so cute and delicious that it is hard to choose a favorite! I’m definitely going to check out the strawberries and cream pops.
    PS- Every week I host a recipe swap and I’d love for you to come show of your popsicles!

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