How to Have a Cereal Party

Let me introduce you to a sight that will give you goosebumps.

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Does anyone else see the heavens open up on that bowl of cereal goodness and the angels singing out with the Hallelujah Chorus?!

I am not even kidding when I tell you that one of the Happy Hubby’s and my first dates was to the cereal aisle at our local grocery store – that is how much I love cereal.

So this passion of mine could only lead to inspiration for a super fun party the Happy Hubby and I planned for his niece and nephew a couple of summers ago.

A CEREAL PARTY!First, go to Wal-Mart and purchase 4-5 different kids of cereal.

I tried to pick out all of our guest’s favorite kinds (even the sugary kinds that they don’t get to eat like ever).

I even went for a box of these probably not the best for you awesome cereal accessories.

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Then pour the cereal into fun glass jars and use that as your centerpiece.If you have Mickey Mouse bowls, now would be a good time to break them out.Hang some plastic colored spoons from your chandelier with ribbons.It’s okay – just dig right in with your hands.

Anything goes at this Cereal Party.That, my friends, is some serious bowl of cereal.

And I know you are all wanting to know if anyone got sick after this sugar-coma-inducing cereal party –

Nope. :-)

Finally, make some cereal necklaces and call it a day because I don’t think it can get any more magical than this!!

Or, just as a bonus, have your Cereal Party Guests take these fun cereal quizzes…

What Kind of Cereal Are You? Quiz

Breakfast Cereal Trivia

Wouldn’t this be an AWESOME thing to do as an End of/Last Day of Summer Celebration?!

What Happy Buddy doesn’t like having cereal for dinner?

Happy Cereal Party-ing! :-)

8 thoughts on “How to Have a Cereal Party

  1. New to the blog world, but have been inspired by The Happy Home Fairy :) I think we may have a cereal party this week and let my kids try all those sugary cereals they NEVER get to eat!

  2. Ummm… I think I may have to do this as a dinner surprize for my HUSBAND! He adores cereal. I don’t own any mixing bowls (that he knows about) because he has been known to eat an entire box of cereal with 1/2 gallon of milk. This would be heaven on earth for him! lol When we got married and I moved into his home, all he had was cereal, ramen noodles, one bowl, one spoon, one pot, 1/2 gal rotten milk, 12pk coke, couch, TV, playstation. haha

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