Play Dough Monsters

They’re only the greatest craft invention known to man.

Googly eyes.

You can always find googly eyes around our Happy Home.  In fact, I think the Happy Hubby found one in his lasagna one evening after a particularly crafty afternoon with the Happy Buddy. :-)

So when I saw this idea HERE, I thought – BRILLIANT!The Happy Buddy got a giant set of Play Dough for his birthday.

He is quite ecstatic about it and every morning after breakfast you will find us on the kitchen floor playing with the ever popular non-toxic reusable modeling compound*.

*I didn’t want to use the word Play Dough too much in this post, so I went to Play-Doh’s website and that is apparently what the pros call it.  I tell you this because it’s important to share these fun facts with your Happy Buddies. :-)

The other day we thought we’d kick the fun up a notch by adding some googly eyes to our Play Dough creations.There was quite a bit of giggling as our Play Dough Monsters came to life.We thought this would be a fun surprise for whoever opened the green can next.And I was stifling some serious laughter because the Happy Buddy had that on for a good 20 minutes before he realized that his foot was keeping an eye on things.

Plus, I knew you all would want to see a picture of those cute, chubby feet.

Happy Play Dough Monster-ing! :-)

10 thoughts on “Play Dough Monsters

  1. Ahhh,, the memories. When my daughter was smaller we played with the play dough like that too. We would even break out the Wiki sticks to poke in our creations to make hair, arms, legs, tails, etc. She once got a really neat play dough set that had plastic animal parts that you could poke into a blob of play dough sorta like a Mr. Potato Head.

  2. I love this idea! I think I’ll add some googly eyes to our non-toxic reusable modeling compound and just wait to see the boys’ reaction! :o)

  3. I like the idea of leaving an eye in the can as a surprise for next time – I might just add a few eyes to ours, ahead of time, the next time we plan to pull out the nontoxic reusable modeling compound.

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  7. Like your site….very cute..when I get a chance I shall be ready all your previous posts and ideas…was looking for pics of playdough monsters…as I am doing this very thing with my 2 and half yr old this afternoon…I hope it’s ok am going to post one of the pics on PINTEREST…I noticed that you don’t have an icon for pinterest…do you use it? If not you should take a look…I’m addicted… all the best with the site…Natalie (Gold Coast, Australia)

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