Summer Fun to FLIP Over!

You know you can’t get through Summer without ’em…


I am not even kidding when I tell you that I found my favorite pair at Target about 5 years ago and I am still wearing them.

I am not even going to show you a picture of them because you will probably think they are the most hideously dirty shoes ever! :-)

But I love them!

Click Image for Instructions

A few days ago I shared a fun post about Ideas for Summer that Really POP and the first idea was this cute pair of balloon embellished flip flops from The Craft Junkie.

It got me to thinking that Summer’s #1 Shoe needs to be celebrated a little bit more around Happy Home Fairy!

So slip into your own comfy pair and enjoy some great flip flop ideas from Blog World.

They’re sure to make you flip!!

Click Image for Instructions

I am sooo making one of these for our front door as I just took down our 4th of July decorations and now it looks so bare!

Find out how to make your own Flip Flop Wreath from this site!

Click Image for Instructions

Would you believe that the stylish footwear you see above are made out of cereal boxes and pipe cleaners??

Your Happy Buddies will LOVE this simple craft from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman!

Click Image for Instructions

Family Fun embellished their flip flops with fabric scraps!

What a FUN thing to do at your next Girl’s Night Out!

Click Image for Instructions

Does anyone else agree that googly eyes make everything better?

Our Forever House added some to her Happy Buddy’s flip flops and now he can’t stop wearing them!

Click Image for Instructions

Make this sweet summer keepsake and capture the essence of your Happy Buddy’s little feet forever with an easy peasy flip flop art project from Fun Handprint Art.

Click Image for Instructions

And while you’re flip flop crafting, you really should snack on some of these adorable flip flop crackers from Snack Picks.

I’m also going to venture to say that now that we’re halfway through summer, stores are putting their flip flops on mega sale, so make sure you stock up and try out one of these ideas with your Happy Home!

Stay tuned for a cute flip flop idea for your Happy Hubby… (wink wink!)

Happy Flip Flop Crafting! :-)

9 thoughts on “Summer Fun to FLIP Over!

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  2. That post was a lot of flip flop fun! Love the balloon ones, a crafty friend and I made those for our girls … boy were my fingers sore after tying all those knots!!!
    Thanks for the great inspiration… jules

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