Summer Craft – Paper Plate Turtle

The Happy Buddy loves to go to the beach, so I have been trying to come up with some fun beach-y crafts for us to do together!

When I saw this adorable paper plate turtle HERE, I knew I had to try one out with the Happy Buddy.

Plus he has been begging me to paint practically every second of every day, so I thought it would be fun to break out the new easel he got for his birthday!

What you will need to make a Paper Plate Turtle…A paper plate

2 different tones of green paint

Green paper

2 Googly eyes


TapeStep 1 – Paint the paper plate a dark green color.Step 2 – Let it dry and then add some shell marks with the lighter colored green paint.Step 3 – Cut out some feet, a tail, and a head for your turtle.  Attach with tape.

Step 4 – Add googly eyes and mouth to your turtle.

Step 5 – Get really jazzed about your turtle and make so many excited movements that the camera can’t take one non-blurry shot.

Step 6 – Give your turtle a name – like ‘Nose,’ as ours is called. :-)

Which is quite funny considering our little turtle doesn’t even have one.And I had to include this photo as the Happy Buddy insisted that I take a picture of him with Nose, touching his nose, with some books and Daddy’s pants in the background.

That is apparently how we roll around here.

Happy Paper Plate Turtle Craft-ing! :-)

4 thoughts on “Summer Craft – Paper Plate Turtle

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