She’s About to POP! Baby Shower

My dear Happy Home friend, Ashley, is about to POP!

Literally, we were praying that she’d be able to attend her own shower before Baby Boy #2 popped his way into the world!

I am happy to report that she made it and the oh-so-POPular themed She’s About to POP! Baby Shower was a success!

Here are some of the highlights…Guests were greeted with a welcoming, “Pop On In” message.

This was a banner I made by coloring the background with colored pencils, photocopying it a bunch of times, and then used a marker to spell out ‘She’s About to POP!’

I was trying to be thrifty and plus I have no idea how to sew! :-)The table!I attempted to put the word ‘POP’ in the name of every menu item, but this chicken salad was a toughie!

The guest of honor came up with that cute name and then I tried desperately to find a Pop Goes the Weasel to sit next to it, but boy, those things are hard to find.It would not be a Happy Home Fairy Event without the famous Broccoli Salad of Wonder.
One of the guests made these INCREDIBLE Cake ‘POP’s for the shower.

Aren’t they darling?!  They were a HUGE hit.This is a ‘POP’corn Cake.

Yes, there will be a tutorial on how to make this delicious fun-ness tomorrow. :-)The Mom-of 2-to-Be LOVEs this stuff – ‘PeOP’le Chow (had to stretch it a little bit on that one, folks).

Here are some of the activities we did at the She’s About to POP Shower…As guests arrived they filled in their name on the date that they think she is going to POP. :-)

I printed Anything But Perfect’s FREE August Calendar for this.I know what you are thinking – What is that creepiness??I mentioned this game in my Super Fun Baby Shower Games post HERE.

You put tiny plastic babies (I found mine at Party City) in ice and then each guest gets a frozen baby in their drink.  The first guest to notice that the baby ice cube has melted must shout out, “My water broke!”

But since we were sticking with a theme here, the guests had to shout, “My water POPPED!” :-)Everyone took a POP Quiz.

If you want to see a copy of the quiz, click this link – He Said-She Said Game POP Quiz – you will need to change some things according to your guest of honor.

Guests could write down their best mommy advice, Bible verses, encouragement, etc. for Ashley.I wrote about this game idea HERE.

Guests each wore a diaper necklace (made out of white felt, blue ribbon, safety pins, and some puffy paint) throughout the party.And at the end of the party I told everyone to open their diapers because someone’s had a brown M&M poopy in it.

She won a prize. :-)

Present time was so sweet!

This was my favorite present that the Mommy’s niece gave her…This tag was hanging out of the gift bag.When she pulled the tag, a whole clothesline of baby clothes came out!!!

Isn’t that so clever?!

I was like leaping for my camera and shouting, “THAT IS GOING ON THE BLOG!!!”This was my gift for the Mommy.

She had told me that she wanted a box filled with fun toys that her firstborn could only use/play with while she is nursing the baby.

We joked about calling it Jackson’s Boob Box, but Jackson’s Big Brother Box was much more appropriate. :-)Everyone took home these adorably wrapped popcorn packages as favors.It was a really fun party.This gal is mighty special to me!

Praying for that little Happy Buddy in her tummy!  I hope he could feel the love today!Lastly, the party literally ended with a POP as the Happy Buddy came home from his Date with Daddy and got into the balloon bouquets with his fishing rod.

If you loved this She’s About to POP Baby Shower idea, then you must visit these wonderful sites that inspired me with their own beautiful and creative She’s About to Pop parties…


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Happy She’s About to POP Baby Shower-ing! :-)

44 thoughts on “She’s About to POP! Baby Shower

  1. I loved this!!!! The next time I get to throw a shower for someone, I’m stealing your ideas! You’re so thoughtful and creative, plus a really great friend to the mom-to-be

  2. I am doing some extreme “borrowing” of this idea, is there any way you could send me the pop quiz My shower is feb 12th and im due exactly a month after AAAAHHHH!!!! Thanks :)

  3. Thank you so much for posting this!!! We’re hosting a surprise shower for my neighbor tomorrow, and, with 3 small children of my own, I was running behind on time. So I stole many of your ideas (sorry!) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Have you thought of going into the baby shower business? :)

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  5. I love these ideas! Just what I was looking for to help me plan my cousins baby shower themed the same. Thank you for posting these awesome ideas. We are definitely using them!

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  8. I know this was awhile ago, but I’d love to know what you put in the big brother box? I have a few friends due soon with their second babies and this is a great idea!

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