Staying Kool this Summer

Kool AID, that is. :-)How many of us grew up drinking an icy cold glass of this stuff on a hot summer day?

Well, did you know that Kool Aid isn’t just a thirst quencher, but it happens to be a multi-functional wonder??

Here are a few (of the surprisingly many) ways you can put those colorful powdery packets to good use!

Click Image for Instructions

Mama Jenn made these beautiful mounds of Kool Aid Play Dough for her Happy Buddies to enjoy!

She said the smell was absolutely scrumptious while they were putting the recipe together!

Click Image for Instructions

I LOOOOOOOOOVE this idea from The Craft Cave!Β  She put together some adorably ‘Kool’ summertime party favors for her Happy Buddy’s friends.

Each favor includes a packet of Kool Aid and the Kool Aid play dough recipe!

Click Image for Instructions

Come Together Kids had her Happy Buddies paint with Kool Aid!!

Click Image for Instructions

This is a really dye-namic idea!

Make and Takes used Kool Aid to tie dye some baby wipes – such a fascinating experiment with really neat results!!

Click Image for Instructions

You MUST file away this idea for Easter next year (or I say, why not now?!) because, according to Hey! Jen Renee, you can dye eggs with Kool Aid!

Click Image for Instructions

Do you have a tween girl in your Happy Home??

Then you might want to make some Kool Aid lip gloss together like Jill did over at Meet the Dubiens!

And if you are thinking, “How in the world could there possibly be any more uses for Kool Aid?” then you need to pop over to Gourmet Mom-on-the-Go.

Apparently you can remove rust stains, get chlorine out of your hair, and check your toilet tank for leaks… all with just a simple packet of Kool Aid.

In the words of Mandy, “And we drink this stuff?”

Oh yeah.

Happy Kool Aid Craft-ing! :-)

4 thoughts on “Staying Kool this Summer

  1. Hiya! Linked to your post because you can pick up FREE sugar at Meijer (do you have a Meijer near you?) wyb 20 Kool Aid Packs for 10 cents each. $2 for 5 lbs of sugar and 20 packs of kool aid is a sweet deal!
    I donate mine to church b/c we don’t drink it, but I love your ideas for using it. We have used it to paint before and it’s fun and smells great too!

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