The What Can I Do? Can – Printable Cards (Blank Set) and More Ideas!

How are you all liking your What Can I Do? Cans???(If you missed that post and the awesome FREE printables, go HERE immediately!)

A sweet reader asked if I would make a blank set of the What Can I Do? Can cards so that she could add even more summer fun to her Happy Buddy’s can.

Sounds good to me!!!

Now you can make a card for…

Chocolate Play Dough!

Or Slime!

Or one of these amazing bubble ideas!

I think a marble-ous marble activity needs to be in ‘The Can’ too!

Or how about a cool marshmallow activity?

And why not add ‘Make a Pizza Bubble for a friend in need’ for an Operation Others card? (That’s what we did tonight!!)Click HERE for your Blank Set of What Can I Do? Can Cards!

And here are a few more ‘Can’ suggestions, in case you need them!

  • Have a midnight kickball game with some other neighborhood Happy Homes.
  • Let your Happy Buddies walk through the house taking pictures with a digital camera.
  • Make and eat this yummy Strawberry Trifle.
  • Craft up a sock puppet or paper bag puppet.
  • Lay on the grass together and discuss what each cloud looks like to you.
  • Decorate the outside of Dad’s car while he is at work.
  • Check with a local pizzeria if you can come in for a tour – and maybe even a free sample!
  • Bring a box of diapers to a new mom or local pregnancy center.
  • Skype with a friend or family member and tell them some funny jokes!
  • Have a pillow fight!
  • Make homemade popsicles.
  • Create some animals out of pipe cleaners.
  • Use construction paper to make a woven placemat to use at dinner.
  • Invent a circus act and perform a circus.
  • Give your pet a party.
  • Try to break a world record – see what your options are in the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • Play with spaghetti – write your name, draw pictures, make faces, etc.
  • Have a Christmas in July party!  Bake sugar cookies and exchange little surprises you think someone else would love!
  • Set up the video camera and read a story.
  • Make a time capsule and bury it in the backyard.
  • Whip up some Magic Wands!
  • Make up an exercise routine and teach it to someone.
  • Watch this AMAZING You Tube video and learn the song and dance yourself!!
  • Play Freeze Dance or Sticker Tag.
  • Have a funny face contest – see who can make the funniest faces.
  • Pop over to Sun Scholars for a whole list of even more summer fun!

*Many of the above ideas were borrowed from Savoring the Moments’ Boredom Box Ideas!*

I am praying that your summer is humming along smoothly with the help of Happy Home Fairy!

Happy What Can I Do? Can Part Two-ing! :-)

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