Marshmallows – Not Just For Eating

Squishy, soft, white as snow, and oh-so-delicious.


They’re not just for eating anymore.

This summer your Happy Buddies are about to become

Marshmallow Architects,

Marshmallow Warriors, and

Marshmallow Artists. :-)Marie over at Make and Takes had fun with her Happy Buddies building things out of Jumbo marshmallows and cut straws.  So clever!  I love how colorful they turned out!

Click Image for Instructions

The Idea Room did the same thing but used toothpicks instead.  Hours of entertainment – plus a lesson in spatial awareness!!  This activity receives 5 gold stars for stimulating your Happy Buddy’s brain in the summer!

Click Image for Instructions

If you’ve never had a Marshmallow War in your backyard, this summer is the time.

Skip to My Lou has all the instructions you need to make your very own Marshmallow Shooters.

Click Image for Instructions

The Decorated Cookie had a genius idea to use food decorating pens and skewers to have your Happy Buddies put together a piece of marshmallow art!  She has a few other pictures of her creations that will really make you smile. :-)We made these cute penguin pictures (the penguin body is the Happy Buddy’s footprint) back in January and used marshmallows to paint the snowflakes in the background!

Granted penguins are a bit more appropriate for the winter season, but you could totally modify this activity for summer!

Plus, the new movie Mr. Popper’s Penguins came out this summer so I can’t think of a better way to reinforce the penguin fun!!

Simply set out a few bowls of various colored paints, some marshmallows, and paper for your Happy Buddies to dip and create!

Click for Instructions and More AMAZING Craft Ideas!

And my sweet friend, Jaimee, from Craft, Interrupted, uses those same food decorating markers to write love notes for her Happy Buddies!

So grab a bag of Jet Puffs the next time you are out and add these ideas to your What Can I Do? Can!

Happy Marshmallow-ing! :-)This post is partying over at Design Dazzle’s Summer Linky Party!

4 thoughts on “Marshmallows – Not Just For Eating

  1. I am so gonna try the toothpicks and marshmallow building today with my girls! They will love this!!!!!!
    Thanks for the great idea!

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