Magic Jellybean Cake

I don’t know about you, but ever since Easter I have bean staring at a big pile of leftover jellybeans in our pantry!

Here is a fun idea that I used to do with my 2nd graders in the Spring time.

First, bake a cake.

We just made a box mix in two 9″ round pans.

Once your cakes have cooled, put one cake on a plate and ice it!


Break out your Magic Jellybean Seeds (click the image to print out your FREE printable Magic Jellybean Seed Packet).

Click Image for Printable

Have your Happy Buddies plant the Magic Jellybean Seeds one by one in the center of your cake.And plant a few more, just for good measure.And a few more – it’s just so much fun!Almost finished…


Now take the other half of the cake and cover up the beans.  Frost it all over.

Then go to bed!

In the morning, your Happy Buddy will wake up absolutely bursting with excitement to see what happened to the jellybeans!

Check out this video of the Happy Buddy’s reaction…

The Magic Jellybean Seeds transformed into Magic Lollipops!!!!!!!(Our Magic Lollipops grew just before the Happy Hubby and I went to bed, so I covered the cake with a cake dome.  Apparently this was a terrible idea because the lollipops melted and dribbled onto the cake!  It was quite a colorful tie dye disaster when I saw it in the morning!  Oh well, our little Happy Buddy didn’t think anything was wrong!)The Happy Buddy wanted to show you his Magic Cake and his Happy Tummy. :-)

Happy Magic Jellybean Cake-ing! :-)

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