You are Egg-stra Special Tags – FREE Printable

I saw this cute idea over at 24/7 Moms last Easter and was soooo inspired!

I am always looking for fun little ‘happies’ to send through those tube-thingies at the bank drive-thru (I mean, those bank workers must get pretty tired of passing money and deposit slips and receipts back and forth.  I like to spice things up for them!).  This is PERFECT for that!

**I am not even kidding when I tell you that after I wrote this post I got a thank you note IN THE MAIL from the people who work at our bank drive-thru saying how much they appreciate the the Happy Buddy’s and my special surprises when we come through their lane!  Don’t you love that?!?**

Here’s the idea…

Simply grab some plastic eggs.

Fill them with candy.

Print this tag (see the image below).

Punch a hole in the corner of the tag and thread a ribbon through.

Close the plastic egg on the ribbon so that it is secure.Voila!  You have yourself instant little egg-stra special blessings to pass out to everyone you know!

Teachers love these, mailmen love it when you leave them in the mailbox for them, grocery store checkers, your pastor and his family, Sunday School volunteers, neighbors, friends, co-workers, your Happy Buddy’s classmates, random people you meet while running errands, the librarian, the facilities director at your Happy Buddy’s school, and, of course, the bank tellers at the drive-thru!!

Whoever you choose to bless, this simple activity encourages your Happy Buddy to think about others this Easter season – an example of what Jesus was doing for us when He died on the cross.

Happy You are Egg-stra Special Tag-ing! :-)

12 thoughts on “You are Egg-stra Special Tags – FREE Printable

  1. Okay, I absolutely love this. I was just thinking to myself how I have NOTHING for my kids’ teachers tomorrow and this appears. Thank you, thank you!! I am printing it off now.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog about the Peep Family!! Come back and visit anytime!!

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  6. Could I ask a dumb question? How do you print several small tags on one page? When I click on it, it’s an 8 x 10 to print….

    • Carolyn, that is NOT a dumb question because I do not even know the answer! Lol! I know next to nothing about technology. I surprise myself with how well I keep up with this blog!!! Bare minimum over here. The only thing I can think is to print 4 copies, cut out and tape to one page. Then color copy that? The only other option is to find someone who knows Photoshop! Good Luck! :-)))

  7. I can just did it, but don’t know how to explain it. I can send whomever a copy if you provide your e-mail address or maybe I can paste it to your FB page? I was able to put 4 on a page.

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