Inflatable Bunnies and the Easter Story – FREE Printables!

Last year when Easter hopped into town I had this inexplicable urge to have an inflatable bunny in our Happy Home.

Oriental Trading totally saved the day!

Click to Buy Your Own Inflatable Bunny

Aren’t they ADORABLE?!?!

I loved them so much that I bought 60 of them for our MOM group at church.

But as much as those inflatable bunnies were cute just sitting on the foyer table to greet us as soon as we walked in the Happy Home, I decided to have a little fun with them.

I wrote this poem…

I am the Easter Bunny coming to stay

Simply blow me up so that we can play!

Then set me outside every day around 4

And you will see how much fun is in store

Because I’m going to bring you some treats and some laughs

And share with you a story that eternally lasts!

Then on the 9th day before Easter, I dropped off a deflated bunny and the note at our neighbor’s house.

The next afternoon at 4 pm, my neighbor and her Happy Buddy set their bunny out on their front porch.

Magically the Easter Bunny would receive two cards – one with an Easter joke, and one with a part of the Easter story – as well as a few Easter treats.

This happened every day leading up to Easter.

Here are what the cards looked like…

Would you like to be the Easter Bunny for your Happy Home neighbor friends???

First, hop on over to Oriental Trading and buy some Inflatable Bunnies ($9.99 for 12, so be ready to pass them out to everyone you know and tell them to visit this site so they can get in on the magic).

Here is the Happy Buddy showing his inflatable some Bunny Love.Giving his bunny a kiss.Copy the poem above on a notecard (or edit it for a daily time that works for your Happy Home) and deliver it 9 days before Easter.

For the next 8 days, your neighbor should leave their bunny on their front porch at the designated time.  When you see it, creep up – with Happy Buddies in tow, and drop off two cards from the Free Printable links below (don’t forget to go in chronological order!).  You could include a small plastic treat-filled egg each day, too, if you want!

Story Cards #1

Story Cards #2

Joke Cards #1

Joke Cards #2

You will have so much fun on your Inflatable Easter Bunny Neighbor Adventure!

Spreadin’ the Gospel and inflatable bunnies.  Sounds good to me!!!!!!!

Happy Inflatable Bunny Evangelizing-ing! :-)

P.S. I figured out why I have such an inexplicable urge for inflatable bunnies at Easter.Found this picture of my brothers and me from an Easter many moons ago.  Seems that my Happy Home Fairy Mom had a thing for inflatable bunnies too. :-)

15 thoughts on “Inflatable Bunnies and the Easter Story – FREE Printables!

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  5. Awesome ideas! Can’t wait to get back on here and check out more! Definitely gong to use some of your ideas for our Sidewalk Sunday School Ministry! Thanks!

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  7. I am just now finding your fb page and now find myself compelled to stop by every morning. I am also just now finding this post and I love it!! Will you please please post it again next year so I will remember!! I imagine I will still be following!

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  10. These ideas are absolutely wonderful! What great ways to share Jesus! Thanks for sharing. What a blessing you are :) I can’t wait to share with my family & friends! Lois

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  13. I am looking for the inflatable bunny in the photo or similar. In 1981 on my first birthday it was my first memory. It popped because of my sharp little teeth trying to eat the carrot. My daughter is turning two and I’d love to get her a similar one. One for myself and maybe a few extra just incase. Please contact me.

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