Resurrection Eggs

I have the best Happy Home Friends!

A couple of my faithful readers have sent me emails about Resurrection Eggs!  Jaimee (who has an AMAZING blog called Craft Interrupted), just helped me find a great link to share with you all today!!!Have you ever heard of these???  They are AMAZING.

Resurrection Eggs are PERFECT for helping bring the Easter story to life with your Happy Buddies.  12 eggs are filled with a different object and Bible verse that help tell the true message of Easter, beginning with a small plastic donkey symbolizing Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and ending with an empty egg symbolizing Christ’s resurrection.

I used to LOVE sharing the Easter story in this manner with my 2nd graders!  They couldn’t wait to open an egg each day leading up to Easter Sunday in order to find out another piece to the incredible story of Jesus’ life, death, and glorious victory over the grave!!

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If you’d like to buy your own Resurrection Egg kit go HERE.

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If you’d like to MAKE your own Resurrection Egg set (it’s really not very hard at all!) go HERE.

Click Image for Printables

If the idea of hunting around your house for 12 small objects makes you want to eat an entire bag of jellybeans and you’d rather just print something out for free online that you can put in 12 different eggs then you’ll find a fabulous free Resurrection Egg printable HERE or HERE.

Click Image for Instructions on how to make Preschool Resurrection Eggs

If your Happy Buddies are younger and you’re thinking that the Resurrection Eggs might be a little too advanced, then you have to go HERE for a BRILLIANT Preschool Resurrection Egg idea.  It’s a sweet little Easter poem using 5 plastic eggs – I am obsessed with this idea and CAN’T WAIT to do this with the Happy Buddy!!!!

Click Image for the 12 Days of Easter with 2 Teaching Mommies

And if you’re just unbelievably egg-cited about Resurrection Eggs and the brilliant message they share and you really want to focus on them this month with your Happy Buddies, then you better hop on over to 2 Teaching Mommies where they are sharing wonderful lesson plans EVERY DAY that will enhance your Resurrection Egg egg-sperience!!!!

I do hope that you will consider investing in some Resurrection Eggs this year so that your Happy Home can enjoy the benefits of celebrating the Easter story all year long.

Happy Resurrection Egg-ing! :-)

9 thoughts on “Resurrection Eggs

  1. What a great post! Thanks so much for the shout out, too : ) I’m now a new follower to two of the blogs you shared. In a few weeks I’ll be transferring to teach the 3 and 4 year olds for Sunday School and I know I’ll be able to find some good stuff on those blogs!

  2. thanks, julie, for all the great ideas! i think i might make a resurrection “clothes line” with the resurrection egg “fillers”. you know, hang a picture/verse each day…(i think i’m secretly addicted to making mini “clothes lines”, but, shhhhh!) :0) i guess i need to start…well …now, so that the last day we hang a picture of the empty tomb. p.s. loooooved running into you(almost literally)the other day! wish our paths crossed more! xoxo

  3. I am so lucky to have found your website. It has made this Easter so much more fun and I can’t believe how creative you are …..I look forward to many more emails of wonderful things/ways to share love with my family. Thank you for sharing your ideas and stuff and doing it all for FREE…that means extra jewels in your crown in HEAVEN. Thank you!!

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