Easter Morning Scavenger Hunt – FREE Printable!

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One of my goals as the Happy Home Fairy is to make the Mommy job EASIER by helping you bring magical moments to your Happy Home without a lot of time, expense, or effort.

Today I am thrilled to present you with a FREE Printable Scavenger Hunt for you to use on Easter morning that will lead your Happy Buddies to their baskets.

Simply print the cards, cut them out, and put one in each of 8 different eggs.

Place the eggs in the designated spots.

Here’s an easy guide to help you hide the eggs when it is super late Saturday night and you are scrambling to put this thing together.

Egg #1 – Anywhere your kids will find it on Easter morning – by their breakfast bowl, on their dresser, on top of the toilet, etc.

Egg #2 – Where Mom keeps her shoes.

Egg #3 – The microwave.

Egg #4 – Behind a closet door.

Egg #5 – The refrigerator.

Egg #6 – By the toothbrushes.

Egg #7 – By the TV.

Egg #8 – The bathtub.

The final place they will visit is where your Happy Buddies will find their basket.

You could put their baskets outside, in the car, in the drying machine… Have fun and be creative.

My mom once put our baskets on the roof of our minivan in the driveway.

**Simply write the basket’s location on the back of the final card.**

The best part about this particular Scavenger Hunt is that the final card reminds your Happy Buddies Who Easter is all about.

Because bunnies are super fun, and baskets are awesome, and treat-filled eggs are exciting, but JESUS is what we’re really celebrating.

Here is a sneak peak at your FREE PrintableNow click the links below for the Easter Morning Scavenger Hunt in PDF format!

Easter Hunt Cards #1-4

Easter Hunt Cards #5-8

Happy Easter Morning Scavenger Hunt-ing! :-)

68 thoughts on “Easter Morning Scavenger Hunt – FREE Printable!

    • under the first picture
      “Then the final place they will visit is where your Happy Buddies will find their basket! You could put their baskets outside, in the car, in the drying machine… Simply write the basket’s location on the back of the final card.”

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  2. I was JUST about to email you to ask pretty pretty pretty PLEASE could you send me this AWESOME scavenger hunt!!!! I LOOOOVE this!!! Thank you for reading my mind and posting it before I even asked. ;-) xoxoxox

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  6. I saw your link on ishareprintables. As if God knew this activity would be cut again this year.
    I have a new favorite blog! Thank you so much for this. I’ve been wanting to do this for years, and well, it never makes the short list in the panic to get everything in.
    I’ve shared this with everyone I know. I hope you are feeling the blog love.
    THANK YOU for rescuing my family from another hum-drum Easter morning! You’re my hero.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing! An Easter basket hunt with a trail of clues has always been a family tradition in our family since I was a kid. This is perfect! I LOVE clue #8!

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  10. We had the Scavenger Hunt this morning. My youngest who is 5 came in my room crying at 6:45am saying that the Easter bunny only left them one egg. Poor baby. I asked him if he opened it up and he said Nope. Then he ran and got his brother and the hung began. We all had a blast! Thank you so much for this wonderful idea! Happy Easter!

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  12. What a fun idea to make Easter baskets even more special! I would love it if you would consider linking to Busy Monday at A Pinch of Joy, a Sunday through Thursday link party for ideas that make life easier, better and more fun

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  18. What an amazing time-saver!!! I am so glad that I stumbled upon your site. Thanks for the Easter Scavenger Hunt, I have a 10 year old autistic boy and I know this will help make Easter special for him!

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  21. …”Here’s a guide to help you hide the eggs when it is super late Saturday night and you’re having trouble thinking straight… ”

    WOW you know me well.LOL This is a true blessing for me to find your site. My kids always look forward to the Easter scavenger hunt. I love that I can print this out and it wont be midnight when I am trying to come up with places! Thank You.

    Happy and Blessed Easter to you

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  23. I do a scavenger basket hunt every year for my two sweeties, and every year I’m up for hours coming up with rhyming riddles. Thank you so much for making this soooooo easy for me this year. And the clues look absolutely adorable!! Wow! So happy I found your website! Thanks again and I hope you have a very Happy Easter!!

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  26. Hi. I used these last year, and my children absolutely LOVED it!! I was just wondering if you are making any new or different versions. I’d love to do it again, but don’t want to use the same clues. If you are not making any, would it be possible to get an editable version where I can write the clues myself? Thanks so much!!! :)

    • Rachelle, I am not sure yet what my vision is for this Easter’s printables! Let me think on it… I do everything by hand, so I would not be able to get you an editable version unfortunately! Stay tuned… I know there will be something fun you will be able to use this year!

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  29. I absolutely love and adore that you ended with the true reason for Easter! Huge praise to you. And thanks you the beautifully designed cards. This is perfect for all my little ones!

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  37. I have been looking for something fun to do for our Easter hunt! You have made it so easy for me and my boys are going to LOVE this! Thanks!!

  38. The thing is I don’t have a good idea of where to hide them at the end!😀I want my children to have trouble finding it

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