More Rainbow Magic

I am absolutely LOVING all the Rainbow Madness of St. Patrick’s Day!

There are so many magical ways to celebrate this beautiful symbol of God’s love!

I mentioned 3 fabulous ideas last week that you can read about HERE, but I keep finding more that I had to do another post to share!

First, I can’t think of a more magical dessert to pull out on St. Patrick’s Day after you gobble up your Irish Beef Stew, than this beautiful cake from The Idea Room.

Click Image for Instructions

If you’re feeling like cupcakes are more your speed, then you must check these out from Family Fun!

Click Image for Instructions

Trisha, over at 24/7 Moms, does the most magical thing with her Happy Buddies on St. Patrick’s Day – she bakes a batch of plain white cupcakes with her kids on the 16th.  Then they go to bed.  While they are sleeping, she bakes the rainbow cupcakes and puts the plain cupcakes in the freezer to use for another day.  When her Happy Buddies wake up on St. Patrick’s Day she tells them that the Leprechauns came and changed all of their cupcakes to Rainbow Cupcakes!

She shared a cute video about it on her blog HERE.

Soooo magical!

If all that food coloring and sugar is making you nervous, then there’s THIS AMAZING Rainbow Fruit Spread from Someday Crafts.

Click Image for Instructions

If you click the image you will also find the recipe for a delicious DIP to go along with this healthy wonder of rainbow fun!

I’m loving this cute craft from 4 Crazy Kings!

A paper plate, some paint, and some cotton balls creates a whole lot of affordable cuteness!

Click Image for Instructions

And finally, this activity from the brilliant people over at Make and Takes is perfect to keep your Happy Buddies inspired on a rainy March day.

All you need is milk, clear glasses, and food coloring!

Click Image for Instructions

I hope you’ve found some inspiration to create some more Rainbow Magic in your Happy Home this St. Patrick’s Day season!

Happy Part 2 of Rainbow Magic-ing! :-)

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