The 25 Days of Love Fun – Day 17: Bee Mine Craft

A few days ago the Happy Buddy and I hosted a little Valentine-themed playgroup for some of our favorite Happy Home Friends!

I can’t have a playgroup without providing a craft!  Seriously, sometimes this is the ONLY time us Mommies can craft!  It’s a little easier to slip away and make a construction paper masterpiece while six other adults watch your Happy Buddy in the next room.

And even if someone doesn’t like to craft all that much, they always find that it feels good to just do something with their hands besides wipe noses and bottoms. :-)

Here’s what we made…

Doesn’t the Happy Buddy look just beeeeautiful as a bee? :-)

We just used some yellow and black construction paper to make the bee body, then added a pink heart, and a picture of our Happy Buddy’s face at the top!  Super cuteness!

Here is my Happy Home Friend, Ashley, and her Happy Buddy, Charlie, and their bee!

Thought this might be a quick and easy weekend project for all the bees in your hive.

Give them to the grandparents for Valentine’s Day!

Or, for kicks and giggles, make a bee with YOUR face on top and give it to your Happy Hubby!  Love it!

Happy Bee Mine Craft-ing! :-)

4 thoughts on “The 25 Days of Love Fun – Day 17: Bee Mine Craft

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