Winter Craft – Marshmallow Snowman

There’s just something so WINTERY about a bag of miniature marshmallows!  I have been staring at my bag of mini-marshmallows for a week trying to come up with a fun activity to celebrate this delicious and seasonally helpful treat.

After I enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate piled high with those babies, I came up with this…!!!

Don’t you love it?!?!

I was so excited I worked way too fast and forgot all about taking pictures of the step-by-step process.  Talk about a moment of inspiration! :-)

But it’s pretty self-explanatory, really.

Just glue your mini marshmallows into a snowman shape.

Then take one marshmallow and dip it into white paint.  Decorate the background of your snowman scene with marshmallow-printed snowflakes!  I thought that this was such a clever way to make a winter-y background!

Add facial features and accessories to your snowman using paint (I used puffy paints – my fave!)

Don’t forget pretzel stick arms!

And let me tell you, the Happy Buddy is OBSESSED with pretzel sticks right now, so whenever he sees this snowman-of-magicalness (which is everyday because it is hanging on our fridge), he starts jumping up and down and trying to rip the pretzels off as a snack.  You’d think he’d want those sweet marshmallows but he only has eyes for the arms!  I literally came into the kitchen the other day and he had his mouth ON THE PAPER. :-)

Finally, sprinkle glitter or fake snow on the wet paint – because glitter makes EVERYTHING better.

Happy Marshmallow Snowman-ing! :-)

31 thoughts on “Winter Craft – Marshmallow Snowman

  1. CUTENESS!! In my prayer time this morning I had an idea…but I really need your help with it…we are going back to Palestine in a few months to visit my inlaws…I would LOVE to host a few women’s fellowship and craft nights:) I need some ideas…just like 3-4 simple but fun and meaningful crafts that I can do with these women:) Maybe even a few fun themed treats that I can throw together easily too… I think it would just be a really neat time to connect! Could you help????:):):)

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  3. I originally saw this on Pinterest. We did this with my 4 year old and two 2 year olds today. They had a blast mostly eating the marshmallows. Theirs didn’t turn out quite as perfectly, but they were still cute.

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  7. I do a similar project at my preschool, but we don’t use glue to stick marshmallows on.. We bite the bottom half off ( and eat it :)) then stick the marshmallow on our paper, since the middle is sticky, it works like glue. Fun project!!

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