“It’s Fall in my car!”

Here’s a super fun and simple idea to send a little Fall Magic your hubby’s way!

What I did…

Last night after the Happy Buddy was in bed and the Happy Hubby was busy studying, I slipped out the front door and into the night with a bag of goodies in tow.  I dashed over to the Happy Hubby’s car, opened it up and spread several Fall leaves on the driver’s seat (see pic).

In the center of all of the leaves, I placed a note that said, “You are unbeLEAFable!  I FALL more in love with you every day.”

Then I sneakily came back inside and we went to bed (I could hardly sleep because I couldn’t wait to see if the Car Fall Leaf Surprise would make the Hubby Happy. :-)).

In the morning when the Hubby left for work, the Happy Buddy and I eagerly waited at the window to watch the Hubby’s response.  Sure enough, within a few minutes, the Hubby was very happily running across the lawn and back to the front door with his pile of leaves and shouting, “There was Fall in my car!  There was Fall in my car!”

Just a magical little idea to show your Hubby some love.  Mine definitely loved it!

This idea can also be used with your Happy Buddies!  Stick some fall leaves in your child’s lunch box or on their pillow before bed or nap time with a little note that says, “I think you are unbeLEAFable!”

Happy Leaf-ing! :-)

2 thoughts on ““It’s Fall in my car!”

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