Back to School Gifts for Teachers!

When I was teaching 2nd grade, I used to get so nervous about the first day!  Would everything go smoothly?  Would the kids like me?!?! One thing that always filled me up with a sense of peace was if one of my new students thought to bring a little treat for the teacher.  It was so magical to think that they had thought to bless me before they had even set a foot in my room!  Those surprise gestures helped me to remember that everything was going to be just fine.

Not only is bringing a gift for the teacher awesome for the teacher, but also it helps the child feel more comfortable going into the classroom because he/she is focused on their special mission to complete, instead of feeling overwhelmed by the newness of everything.

Plus there’s always the added bonus of your child learning how awesome it is to bless others!

Here are some fabulous First Day Teacher Gift ideas from The Happy Home Fairy and some of my favorite Mom bloggers!

Book a Year

Have your kids choose and purchase a new book to give to their teachers on the first day of school to add to the teachers classroom library. You might even have them write a note inside, draw their hand print, or add a picture of themselves to personalize it from them.

Teacher Jars
From: The Gift Closet

Purchase glass vases at the dollar store and the letters @ Michael’s Arts and Crafts Store.  On the jar with the pencils include a tag that reads: “Thank you for helping our children write the future”.

On the jar with the candy (Hershey’s Hugs & Kisses) attach a tag that reads,” Thanks for all you do, Hugs & Kisses.”  And don’t forget a cute bow!  LOVE IT!!

Thanks a MINT
From: A Place Called Joy

Use a container of Altoids Mints with printed paper, waxed twine and a small note of thanks.  What a simple way to thank a teacher!

Another way to do this cute idea is simply grab a clear gift baggie, fill it with some Starlite mints, and attach a cute tag that says, “You were mint to teach!  Thank you in advance for a great year!”

Gumball Jar

Fill a glass jar with gumballs, tie a cute bow around the lid, and attach a tag that reads, “Goody Goody Gumballs!  We are so happy that we have you as a teacher this year!”

Water Bottle of Cuteness
From: The Gift Closet

Give a water bottle, with a cardstock paper holder on it and a Crystal Light drink mix.  Include a tag that reads, “Thanks for “quenching” the “thirst for knowledge”!!!”

Some other cute ideas…

  • Get a SKOR candy bar and attach a tag that reads, “We SKORed BIG when we got you as a teacher!”
  • A homemade jar of soup or store bought can with a tag that reads, “Looking forward to a SOUPER year!”
  • Find a fancy bag of pasta and include a tag that reads, “Can’t wait to have a PASTA-tively wonderful year with you!”
  • Get a package of Whoppers candy and include a note that reads, “It’s going to be a WHOPPER of a year because we have you as a teacher!”

As magical and cheap and simple as all these ideas are, one of the greatest gifts would be a homemade card from the student.

Happy Back to Schooling!  :-)

9 thoughts on “Back to School Gifts for Teachers!

  1. Okay, so when my my son gets home from school today, I’m having him pick which one of these he wants to do and we’ll get it ready for his teacher on Friday to celebrate the completion of the first week of school. Julie, what would I do without you? I would be hopelessly boring! Thank you for making it easy for me to find ways to bless others and teach my son to do the same! Love you!

  2. Love, love, love these ideas! I taught for 4 years and little gifts/surprises always meant so much to me! Thanks for sharing all your fun and magical ideas! :)

  3. Hey Julie – you are amazing with your ideas! Are you sure my 3-year old won’t be seen as a brown noser if I send her in with these?! :)) Ha ha! Love the ideas!

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