How To Mail Easter Eggs

mailing easter eggs - such a cute idea!.jpg

My boys and I took a little adventure to the Post Office on Saturday.

Along with our water bill, we mailed off a few plastic Easter eggs.

mailing eggs - supplies.jpgIf you want to mail some eggs yourself, make sure you buy the Jumbo-sized eggs (we found the ones above at Walgreens).

mailing eggs - putting together!.jpgWe filled ours with some Easter grass, a few stickers, small erasers, and these FREE Printable Easter Lunchbox Love Notes.

We decided not to put chocolate in the eggs because… well, we didn’t want it to melt in transit. :-)

mailing eggs - ready to go!.jpgSlap on the address label and wrap the eggs with packing tape.

Then head to the post office.

mailing eggs - at the post office.jpgmailing eggs - weighing.jpgIronically, our postman’s name was Jesus.

He kept chuckling because the eggs wouldn’t stop rolling off the scale.

mailing eggs - such a fun idea for Easter to brighten someone's day!.jpgThey didn’t look the prettiest after getting stamped and wrapped with tracking codes and postage (about $2 each), but they were still going to be a cute thing to find in a mailbox.

I mean ANYTHING is better than a bill or catalog, Amen?!

mailing eggs - so fun!.jpg

When all the eggs were ready, Jesus was all smiles and even thanked us for making his day more fun.

I mean, you can only handle so many flat things and cardboard boxes, you know? :-)

Happy Easter Egg in the Mail-ing! :-)

Resurrection Eggs for Toddlers

I love the idea of doing Resurrection Eggs, but with the 12 eggs and sometimes a little complex parts of the story, I have always imagined us doing them when the Happy Buddy is a bit older.

When I saw these Resurrection Eggs for Toddlers, however, in the March/April edition of Thriving Family, I knew I had to try them out in our Happy Home.

With just 6 eggs, a simple story-telling sentence for each, and easy peasy items to go inside, these Resurrection Eggs for Toddlers are so doable!

And so much fun!Gather 6 different-colored plastic Easter eggs.In the first egg, place a bread crumb.

Jesus ate dinner with his friends.  Luke 22:14-15

In the 2nd egg, place a cross (we just used a sticker we had in our stash).

The next day Jesus died on the cross.  John 19:17-18

In the 3rd egg, place a strip of cloth (we used a piece of tissue).

He was wrapped in cloth and placed in a tomb.  John 19:40

For the fourth egg, go outside and pick out the coolest rock you can find.

A stone was placed in front of the tomb.  Matthew 27:59-60

Leave the fifth egg empty.

Jesus’ friends came to the tomb and saw that the stone had been moved.  The tomb was empty!  Luke 24:1-3

Fill the 6th and final egg with a sweet treat.

We did M&Ms in our case because that’s the Happy Buddy’s idea of a major food group.

Jesus is alive!  That’s the sweet surprise of Easter.  Matthew 28:5-6

Here is a helpful guide to use when sharing these Resurrection Eggs with your toddler…

And I thought I’d share a few images of the Happy Buddy as we walked through the Gospel together. :-)One of my favorite moments was when the Happy Buddy did something that communicated his full understanding of the Easter message he had just received.

He dug through his ‘treat’ egg, picked out all of the yellow M&M’s, and gave them to me – because yellow is my favorite color.

Talk about a sacrifice!

“This is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.” 1 John 4:10

Happy Resurrection Eggs for Toddlers-ing! :-)

Egg-citing Egg Hunt Ideas

Some of my favorite Easter memories included driving to my Mom-Mom’s house (about an hour away) after Sunday services in order to celebrate the holiday with our extended family.

My Mom-Mom and Aunts would organize a little Easter Egg Hunt for my cousins and me.

I loved the sweet thrill of finding one of those cheery bright eggs in her front yard – and then sitting on the front steps after my basket was full to open my eggs and go through the loot! :-)

Now the Happy Hubby’s Grandmommy hosts an egg hunt each year for all of her great-grands (the Happy Buddy included), so that’s where we are headed next week.  I can’t wait for the Happy Buddy to experience that same thrill!

She puts money (nickels, dimes, quarters, dollar bills) in the eggs along with candy.  She also hides a golden egg and whoever finds that wins a giant stuffed toy.  So fun!

While we wait for that day to arrive, I thought about trying out one of these other super cool and innovative Egg Hunt Ideas

Click Image for Idea

Family Fun featured this neat tradition from a family who wakes up on Easter morning to a Maze of Yarn all over their Happy Home!

The Happy Buddies have to follow their designated piece of yarn as it winds to and fro, eventually ending up at their Easter basket full of eggs.

Click Image for Idea

A Subtle Revelry used streamers instead of yarn for her Happy Home’s egg hunt!

Each hidden egg is attached to a streamer that stretches throughout the house.

Click Image for Idea

How about a Trail of Jellybeans leading your Happy Buddy to his hidden eggs on Easter Sunday?

Click Image for Idea

The creative mama over at Gluesticks filled some eggs with her Happy Buddy’s Lunch Items and then hid the eggs!

Once all the eggs were found, they sat down and dined!

Click Image for Idea

This idea is SO COOL.

Growing a Jeweled Rose created an Easter Egg Hunt for her Happy Buddy in the BATHTUB.

You HAVE to check it out HERE.

Click Image to Buy

I love the idea of putting Puzzle Pieces in your Happy Buddy’s Easter eggs.

Once he hunts down all of the eggs, he can put a fun puzzle together!

These Personalized Easter Puzzles can be found HERE.

You could even purchase a new Lego set and put the Lego pieces in the eggs as well.

Click Image for Idea

This is the ULTIMATE Egg Hunt Idea, my friends.

Mommy Savers bought some glowstick bracelets, folded them up, stuck them in eggs and let her Happy Buddies hunt for the glowing eggs in the dark – outside!!

I could totally see kids of all ages having a blast with this!

In fact, a friend of mine told me that she is probably going to do this for her college-aged son and his buddies. :-)  Love that!

Click Image for Idea

And don’t forget about Happy Home Fairy’s fabulous FREE Printable Easter Morning Scavenger Hunt Cards that have a magical surprise ending!

Go HERE to print your own set!

*Check out my other Egg Hunt Ideas post HERE for even more creative hunting fun!*

Happy Egg-citing Egg Hunt Idea-ing! :-)

Plastic Easter Eggs – Not Just for Hunting!

There’s something about those bright, cheerful plastic Easter eggs that just make me want to swim in a giant pool of them! :-)

While that might be a good idea in my book, here are a few more unconventional uses for plastic Easter eggs…

Click Image for Idea

Real Simple encourages you to use plastic Easter eggs as little snack containers in your Happy Buddy’s lunchpail!

I know my own Happy Buddy will think this is the coolest thing ever AND it will save me some Ziplocks. :-)

Click Image for Idea

It’s always fun to paint beyond the paintbrush.

This project from A Little Learning for Two features plastic eggs as the medium to roll paint around on a piece of paper.

The end result?  A roll-y cool work of art!

Click Image for Idea

With a few simple craft supplies, Make and Takes transforms plastic Easter eggs into a family of adorable springtime egg friends.

Click Image for Idea

Meet the Dubiens made a set of Easter Egg Maracas.

These could be a fun thing to shake as you celebrate Jesus’ triumphant entry on Palm Sunday!

Click Image for Idea

If you have a little girl, Designs by Sunghee made Plastic Easter Egg Teacups using only a few items!

Click Image for Idea

I am not even kidding – this Plastic Easter Egg Wreath from Mom and Wife may look like a beast of a project, but it is really quite easy.

I am so craving one on our Happy Home front door!

Click Image for Idea

Corduroy Dreams used plastic Easter eggs to decorate the tree in their front yard.

She shares a GENIUS idea that makes the project super simple with a massive aesthetic payoff!

Click Image for Idea

Or maybe we need a Plastic Easter Egg Garland like this happy one from eighteen25?

Click Image for Idea

If you have never gone ‘Egging’ before, then you better check out THIS POST featuring a fun way to bless a neighbor.

Click Image for Idea

Finally, if you are as eggceptionally passionate about snail mail as I am, then you might get the shivers at the sheer brilliance of this idea from Making Memories With Your Kids!

Did you know that you can MAIL a plastic Easter egg?!

How magical would it be to open up your mailbox and find a giant plastic egg waiting for you??

I am so doing this for my out-of-state relatives!

Check out THIS POST for the detailed instructions that are sure to bring a smile to your recipients AND the mail carrier’s face. :-)

Happy Plastic Easter Egg-ing! :-)