How to Flirt Text Your Happy Hubby

how to flirt text your husband - so funny i have to try this!!!

I like to occasionally ‘pop’ into the Happy Hubby’s cell phone with a random text that isn’t the standard “Are you picking up the boys?” or “Can you get some milk from the store on your way home from work?”

It’s good to throw your Happy Hubby a few curve balls.  Keep him guessing.  Keep the magic and mystery of your love alive.

I thought I would share with you some of the text messages I have been sending my man lately because I love him and want him to know it. (You can read more about why it’s important to appreciate your Happy Hubby in THIS POST.)

I shared a few of these text ideas at our church’s February MOMs group meeting.

I made all the ladies choose their favorite text and then take out their cells and text their Happy Hubbies the flirty message right then and there.

One lady said her husband would not stop calling her all day.  (This was a good thing.)

One gal scored a lunch date with her hubby!

And one woman shared that after receiving her scandalous text, her husband wrote back asking if she could be waiting at home wrapped in saran wrap.

I got a great giggle out of that!

What I loved seeing was all these women being obedient to love and honor and cherish (and have fun with!) the men God has put in their lives.

So without further ado…  Here are 7 great messages you can flirt text your Happy Hubby right this instant.hubby text 1hubby text 3hubby texthubby text 4hubby text 5hubby text 6hubby text 7

Which one do you think your Happy Hubby will love the most?

They need to hear our adoration, my precious friends.

Go ahead, click send and see what happens.

Maybe you’ll end up in saran wrap. :-)


I told my friends at our MOMs group not to worry or be resentful of their husbands if they didn’t respond to their loving text, because it’s quite possible that this happened…

*I don't remember where I found this image! If you do, please let me know so I can properly credit!*

Happy Flirty Text-ing! :-)