Ding Dong DIAPER Ditch

Since the Happy Baby has been in the NICU for so many weeks, he no longer fits in size 1 diapers!

And I had sooooooooooooo many boxes that people had gifted to us just before his birth.

I returned several (telling store clerks that you have a baby in the NICU will pretty much guarantee any special requests – even without a receipt! :-)), but decided to keep a few for such a time as this…

Yesterday the Happy Buddy and I went on a Secret Mission.

We headed over to our friend’s house – who recently had a baby – and left a little surprise on her doorstep. :-)

Can you think of someone with a new baby?

It’s kind of hard to get out with a newborn in tow, so maybe you’ll be used by the Lord to provide at just the right moment!

Plus, diapers are quite expensive… A box that you didn’t have to pay for is something to celebrate, for sure.

Add this outing to your Summer Bucket List and make a new mommy blessed!

And that’s an order, Mister!

Happy Ding Dong Diaper Ditch-ing! :-)

She’s About to POP! Baby Shower

My dear Happy Home friend, Ashley, is about to POP!

Literally, we were praying that she’d be able to attend her own shower before Baby Boy #2 popped his way into the world!

I am happy to report that she made it and the oh-so-POPular themed She’s About to POP! Baby Shower was a success!

Here are some of the highlights…Guests were greeted with a welcoming, “Pop On In” message.

This was a banner I made by coloring the background with colored pencils, photocopying it a bunch of times, and then used a marker to spell out ‘She’s About to POP!’

I was trying to be thrifty and plus I have no idea how to sew! :-)The table!I attempted to put the word ‘POP’ in the name of every menu item, but this chicken salad was a toughie!

The guest of honor came up with that cute name and then I tried desperately to find a Pop Goes the Weasel to sit next to it, but boy, those things are hard to find.It would not be a Happy Home Fairy Event without the famous Broccoli Salad of Wonder.
One of the guests made these INCREDIBLE Cake ‘POP’s for the shower.

Aren’t they darling?!  They were a HUGE hit.This is a ‘POP’corn Cake.

Yes, there will be a tutorial on how to make this delicious fun-ness tomorrow. :-)The Mom-of 2-to-Be LOVEs this stuff – ‘PeOP’le Chow (had to stretch it a little bit on that one, folks).

Here are some of the activities we did at the She’s About to POP Shower…As guests arrived they filled in their name on the date that they think she is going to POP. :-)

I printed Anything But Perfect’s FREE August Calendar for this.I know what you are thinking – What is that creepiness??I mentioned this game in my Super Fun Baby Shower Games post HERE.

You put tiny plastic babies (I found mine at Party City) in ice and then each guest gets a frozen baby in their drink.  The first guest to notice that the baby ice cube has melted must shout out, “My water broke!”

But since we were sticking with a theme here, the guests had to shout, “My water POPPED!” :-)Everyone took a POP Quiz.

If you want to see a copy of the quiz, click this link – He Said-She Said Game POP Quiz – you will need to change some things according to your guest of honor.

Guests could write down their best mommy advice, Bible verses, encouragement, etc. for Ashley.I wrote about this game idea HERE.

Guests each wore a diaper necklace (made out of white felt, blue ribbon, safety pins, and some puffy paint) throughout the party.And at the end of the party I told everyone to open their diapers because someone’s had a brown M&M poopy in it.

She won a prize. :-)

Present time was so sweet!

This was my favorite present that the Mommy’s niece gave her…This tag was hanging out of the gift bag.When she pulled the tag, a whole clothesline of baby clothes came out!!!

Isn’t that so clever?!

I was like leaping for my camera and shouting, “THAT IS GOING ON THE BLOG!!!”This was my gift for the Mommy.

She had told me that she wanted a box filled with fun toys that her firstborn could only use/play with while she is nursing the baby.

We joked about calling it Jackson’s Boob Box, but Jackson’s Big Brother Box was much more appropriate. :-)Everyone took home these adorably wrapped popcorn packages as favors.It was a really fun party.This gal is mighty special to me!

Praying for that little Happy Buddy in her tummy!  I hope he could feel the love today!Lastly, the party literally ended with a POP as the Happy Buddy came home from his Date with Daddy and got into the balloon bouquets with his fishing rod.

If you loved this She’s About to POP Baby Shower idea, then you must visit these wonderful sites that inspired me with their own beautiful and creative She’s About to Pop parties…


My Insanity

Glorious Treats

Happy She’s About to POP Baby Shower-ing! :-)

The Happy Buddy’s Baby Shower

It wouldn’t be Baby Week at the Happy Home Fairy if I didn’t share with you some pictures from the shower my mom threw for me when the Happy Buddy was in my tummy!

Let me just say – my mom is like the greatest party throw-er of America!!!!

She is so good at hostessing – even down to the smallest details!  I am always walking around with my jaw hanging open whenever I see the fruit of her creative hands!!!This was what guests saw when they arrived – a table full of teddy bears (handmade by my amazing Happy Aunt Tina!  She made one for every guest as a FAVOR!), and a basket that had a questionnaire about the momma-to-be (me!). :-)  Whoever got the most questions right was the winner!  Honestly, though, I thought that game was a cinch because I am definitely not secretive about the things I love (hello the color yellow, glitter, the Happy Hubby, Disney World, and Jesus)!  Haha!

There were just so many friends I wanted to celebrate with, so my mom had to accommodate a bit of an army!

Here are pictures of the tables…I love the bears popping out of everyone’s glass!If guests didn’t get a bear at their place setting, then they received a Boo Boo Bunny!  Don’t know what that is?  Go HERE!Another friend of mine also made Toilet Paper Roll Crackers for the event!  They were so cute and everyone loved pulling on them and having them explode candy everywhere!  She also included fun little baby-related quotes in the crackers like, “It is not a slight thing when those so fresh from God love us. – Charles Dickens.”  Go HERE to make your own!Don’t you just love the colors yellow and blue together?  This is the color scheme in 95% of the rooms in our Happy Home!Broke out the fancy china for this occasion!  The Happy Buddy is one special little man!I love how something simple like laying three different color ribbons across the center of a table really makes things beautiful!My mom is so cute – she was determined to make a fabulously cute cupcake for all of the guests!  I think they were just perfect for keeping everyone company at the tables.  Don’t you love how these turned out?  You can find out how to make your own panda cupcakes in THIS COOKBOOK.The food was OUT OF THIS WORLD!  We feasted on a ‘Trio of Salads!’  My famous broccoli salad(a MUST at EVERY party), a yummy chicken salad, and lots and lots of fresh fruit.

Click to Buy!

One of my favorite things about the shower were the New Mommy Advice Cards all of the guests filled out so that I would have a ton of great tips as I started my mothering adventure.

The best advice I got was on a card from my Happy Home Friend, Barb.  She wrote from the perspective of the Happy Buddy, “Dear Mommy, My advice to you at this time is to remember that as much as you and Daddy love me, Jesus loves me even more.  Trust Him with everything because He does what’s best.  Best Wishes, Happy Buddy (via Barb).” :-)

There’s me with the SPECTACULAR cake from Publix!  *Note – can you tell what I added in M&M’s to the cake?* :-)Sorry for the horrible picture – I had to scan this so that you could see and forgot to put a colored background on it!

My mom made these little baby carriages out of scrapbook paper and then I wrote messages on them from the Happy Buddy.  We scattered them all over the tables.

They said things like, “Thank you for helping me get my bedroom ready! Love, The Happy Buddy” and “I am so grateful that my mom has such magical friends. Love, the Happy Buddy.”  I also wrote some Bible verses that had encouraged me throughout the pregnancy as well as a few that went along with the meaning of the Happy Buddy’s name.Present time!  My Happy Home friends know me so well. :-)

I am happy to report that the Happy Buddy loves Mickey almost as much as his mommy.  I’ve been brainwashing him since he was in the womb!!!

And there I am with the Hostess with the Mostest – who also happens to be the most magical mom in the universe!  Thanks, Mom, for an amazing celebration!  The Happy Buddy and I truly felt showered with your love!

Happy Baby Shower-ing! :-)

A Cute Baby Shower Thank You Poem

The hostess at a baby shower I attended once gave out these little poems as a party favor.

It was just typed on a piece of paper and then cut out with scalloped scissors in the shape of a bookmark.  At the top was an ultrasound picture of the baby-to-be.

Here is the poem…

Thank you!

I’m sorry I couldn’t be there,

But I’m not quite ready yet.

God is painting my eyes, nose and cheeks

And soon I’ll be all set.

Though I wasn’t there to thank you,

For the lovely gifts you brought,

My family is grateful

We appreciate the thought.

We pray the Lord will bless you

For your generosity

And when I’m born into this world

Please come and visit me!

My mom is very blessed

To know each one of you.

We want to say we love you

And Jesus loves you too!

See you soon…

Love, (Baby’s Name)

Adorable, right?!?

Well, instead of having to design your own, I made some FREE printable poems for you!!

There a boy version and a girl version.

All you have to do is print, cut out, and then sign the baby’s name at the bottom.

If you are interested in printing your FREE printable poem, please hop on over to Facebook and LIKE the Happy Home Fairy.

Then click the images below for your printables!

Happy Baby Shower Poem-ing! :-)

Gender Reveal Party Ideas!

Have you ever heard of a Gender Reveal Party???

In a nutshell, expectant parents host a party to find out the sex of their baby and share the excitement with family and friends.  At the 20-week ultrasound, the ultrasound technician is asked to write down the gender of the baby and seal it in an envelope. That envelope is then given to the person {grandma, friend, baker, etc.} that will bake the cake for the party.

The magical part is that this person will dye the inside of the cake pink or blue, depending on the sex.  At the party, everyone finds out the gender of the baby when the cake is cut!!!

How fun to be able to rejoice instantly with everyone you love over the good news!

I am allllll about celebrations, so this idea just tickled me pink!  Or blue!  Haha!

And cake is involved, so BRING IT ON!

I cruised around the internet to bring you some fun pictures and links to Gender Reveal Parties I thought were super happy.

I’ve already informed the Happy Hubby that we are soooo doing this if the Lord blesses us with a Happy Buddy #2!

Click Image for More Pictures!!

I am buzzing with excitement over this What’s It Gonna Bee? Party from GreyGrey Designs!  You must go see the other pictures to this fabulous party – the dessert table is bee-autiful!

Click Image for More Party Pics!

This cute party activity idea from Maddycakes Muse is so creative!  Guests get to cast their vote on baby’s gender before the big reveal.

Click Image for More Party Pics!!

Mama Manifesto made a cute heart banner out of pink and blue felt and draped it over a chalkboard for guests to suggest baby names for a boy or girl.  You HAVE to also see the adorably simple food table from this party too – Mama Manifesto said it only cost $25 to put together!

Click Image for More Party Pics!

Sadie James had her guests dress in the color of what team they were routing for!

Click Image for More Party Pics!

Live, Laugh, Create and Design made white chocolate dipped pretzels covered in blue or pink sprinkles!

And below is a picture of a Gender Reveal Cake (courtesy of the Cake Junkie) – what everyone is waiting for!!!

Click Image for Photo Credit

You could even do cupcakes with a pink or blue M&M in the middle and everyone at the party can take a bite at the same time!

Doesn’t this sound like fun?!?!?

I’ve never been to a Gender Reveal Party and now, after working on this post, I am DYING to go to one!  If you have one, please invite the Happy Home Fairy!!!

Happy Gender Reveal Party-ing! :-)

Favorite Parenting Books

I literally had my nose in a book for the first 3 months of the Happy Buddy’s life!

I had so many worries – so many questions!  Books were a tremendous help during that new season of life, but they were also a tremendous hindrance!  Let me tell you why…

The Happy Buddy is unique and special. :-)  He didn’t feel he needed to follow the formulas written in the dozens of baby books I read (Baby Wise, Secrets of the Baby Whisperer, What to Expect…).  Everything from nursing to gas issues to sleeping…  The more I read, the more I was discouraged/anxious because I felt like my child didn’t fit any of the baby book molds!

It took awhile, but I learned to just rely on the Lord and on one or two solid friends for advice/support.  I started to learn how to put down the books in exchange for mommy instincts – which turned out to be a lot more reliable than what I was reading! :-)  God isn’t kidding around when He calls you to be a mom and He says that He equips you for it!

“He gently leads those that have young.” Isaiah 40:11

With that said, if God gives us a Happy Buddy #2, I am definitely going to spend more time enjoying him/her instead of crazily flipping pages for answers!


God has gifted many people with wisdom and vision to write books for parents to use as tools in raising kids for His glory!!  I especially appreciate those that give me biblical advice on discipline, parental praying, and teaching my Happy Buddy about the One who created him. :-)

Here are my 3 favorites…

Click to Buy!

This book is precious to me!  It was given to me when I was first starting out as a teacher and it helped me so much in the management of my 21 monkey precious students. :-)

The author writes that rather than wanting to raise well-behaved children – because it makes us look good or because it gives us control – we want to raise children who love God so much that they want to live in obedience to Him (not us!).  It’s not so much the behavior as it is the attitude of our Happy Buddys’ hearts.

I tell the Happy Buddy all the time, “When you obey me, you are obeying God.  And obeying and loving God is the best thing we can do!”

Click to Buy!

Some days it’s hard with a toddler running around to have a ton of time for focused prayer – this flip calendar has been such a blessing!  I have it sitting on the bathroom counter next to the tub where the Happy Buddy takes his baths.  While he’s getting washed up, I pray the day’s verse or encouragement over him – out loud!  It has so helped me learn how to put every aspect and detail of the Happy Buddy’s life into God’s perfectly capable hands!

It’s a great gift idea!

Click to Buy!

This book is my favorite.

Susie Larson = my hero.

I personally believe that teaching children to be grateful is critical to their growth in the Lord (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).  But most of all, we – as parents – must exemplify thankful hearts in our own lives!  You will find such hope, wisdom, and refreshment in the words of this book!

And, of course, the Bible is the GrEaTeSt parenting book EvEr written!

There you have it, Happy Home Friends!

The 3 tools I am using to help train my ‘baby.’ :-)

Happy Parenting Book-ing!

The 10 BEST Baby Shower Gift Ideas!

Yesterday I shared a cute idea called New Mom Meal Mail – a postcard that you can attach to your Baby Shower Gift as a way of offering a meal to the Mom-to-Be.

Today I want to bring you the best of the bestest ideas on Baby Shower Gifts EvErY mom will LOVE!

Well, at least I hope they would love them!  These gift suggestions are really just my own little opinions – for what it’s worth! :-)

Let me begin by hopping on my soap box and sharing my TOP 3 FAVORITE things we received for our Happy Buddy before he was born.

1.  Video Monitor – Holy cow.  I honestly would say that this is the GREATEST invention EvEr.  I am not even kidding about that!  Although pricey, if ours broke today, we would run right out for a new one because of all its wonderful benefits!  This would be a good gift to have a bunch of people pitch in to make it affordable!

Having a video monitor allowed me to stress less about what our little monkey was doing in his crib.  I knew when he was quietly running laps around his crib instead of taking a nap.  I knew that even though he was crying (Boy, am I glad sleep-training days are somewhat over!), he was safe.  I knew that he was breathing in the middle of the night when I awoke and just wanted to peek… especially when he started sleeping on his tummy!

You see, it’s not so easy for us to slip into the Happy Buddy’s room unnoticed.  When the door was first hung, it fits a little snug so that whenever it is opened, it makes this huge CREEK-ing sound that wakes the Happy Buddy every time.  Having the video monitor kept us from unnecessary door creek-city awakenings, as well as helped me gain the peace of mind and confidence a terrified new momma needed!  It has also been great for traveling and we can keep a watchful eye on the buddy in a new place.

2.  Baby Bjorn (or any baby carrier/wrap!) – I looooooooooooved the days when I could strap the Happy Buddy to the front of my body and go shopping without him trying to wiggle out of the grocery store cart, or pull all the boxes of cereal off the shelves, or play “Stack-the-Blocks” with the items in the produce section.

Not only that, I loved having the Happy Buddy so close to me – all warm and snuggly!  Sometimes the Bjorn was the only place I could get him to go to sleep!  My Happy Home Friend, Abbie, made that wrap for me when the Happy Buddy was born!  What a blessing!!!

Click to Buy

3.  Trumpette Socks – Aren’t those socks just the cutest things EVER?!  One of our dear friends gave the Happy Buddy a pack of these socks, and LeT mE tElL yOu!!!  I got the most compliments in the world on those things!  I once spent 25 minutes trying to put a stiff, tiny baby shoe on the Happy Buddy’s 6-week-old feet and gave up, only to reach for these adorable socks as the alternative, and I NEVER looked back!  There are even Mary Jane and ballerina versions for girls!  This is a gift that will bring so much joy to the new mom!!!  Check the socks out HERE.

Those are my 3 favorite Baby Shower gifts, but here is a list of a few more that I compiled – sure to be winners!!!!

Click to Buy!

4.  Baby Legs – I had never heard of baby leg warmers or BabyLegs until a few months ago.  They are sooooooooooo cute and wonderfully convenient for diaper changes because there is no taking down or unbuttoning of pants.  They’re also nice to keep your Happy Buddy’s legs from getting rug burn while he or she is crawling around.  A creative and fun, yet practical gift!

Click to Buy!

5.  Robeez Shoes – When the Happy Buddy grew out of his Trumpette socks, these Robeez shoes were the next best thing!!!  Total comfort, takes just a second to slip on, and style!!!6.  Diapers!!!! – Any New Momma would be THRILLED to receive a box of these babies (unless, of course, they are doing the cloth diaper thing.  Find out first!)!!!  If you are hosting a shower, have a diaper raffle!  Any guest that brings a box of diapers gets entered into the raffle to receive a killer prize!

Click Image for Photo Credit

7.  Books – My Happy Home Friend, Marcy, told me from the very beginning to make books a part of the Happy Buddy’s toys and playtime experiences.  So, whenever someone gifted us a book – I couldn’t have been more thrilled!

A great idea using books… I once threw a shower for a friend and asked all of the guests to bring a book with a personalized message in the inside cover for the baby.  She was overwhelmed with the wonder of her new book collection and all of the sweet things each guest wrote.  A forever treasure!!

Go to THIS SITE for some adorable poems you could use as a part of the invitations for a Baby Book Shower!  My faves are Book Poems 1 and 5!

7.  Magazine Subscriptions – I happen to be a magazine junkie, but Parents, Family Fun, or Thriving Family (which is FREE) are three of my favorite parenting mags.  Not that new moms have a lot of extra time for pleasure reading, but it’s a thoughtful and creative gift!!!

8.  Mommy Pajamas for the Hospital – I will never forget the pajamas that my mom bought for me the day I had the Happy Buddy.  It was so magical to have a new pair of comfy, fun, and nursing-friendly pj’s to sport while in the hospital.  That was definitely a gift to remember!

Click to Buy!

9.  Gift for the Grandma – At my shower for the Happy Buddy, someone brought a gift for my mom!  A Grandma Brag Book!  I thought that was so super CLEVER!!!!!

10.  Dust Buster – Every mom needs one of those! :-)

The above ideas are great, but in my chattings with other Happy Home Mommies, their most important gifts came from their registry – so I encourage you to stick to what you know they will love!!!  And maybe throw in a fun extra, like the above, if you’re up for it!

And I’d LOVE to hear what YOU enjoyed receiving at YOUR shower!!  Please leave a comment!

Happy Baby Shower Gift-ing! :-)