EASY Back to School Gift Idea – FREE Printable!

super cute and super easy (CHEAP) back to school gift idea for teachers, classmates, administration, etc.There are SO MANY adorable Back to School FREE Printables out there – EXHIBIT A.

But I had to add one of my own to the mix!!

Head on over to the Dollar Tree, my friends, and grab a bag of chocolate Riesen candies.back to school printable2

Then attach my FREE Printable tag and you are good to go.

back to school printableI may or may not have made 50+ of these babies for the first day of school and snuck them into everyone’s mailboxes in the teacher’s lounge. :-)

Get your FREE Printable Back to School Gift Tag HERE.

Happy Back to School Gift Idea-ing! :-)

6 thoughts on “EASY Back to School Gift Idea – FREE Printable!

  1. I noticed in your fairy tweets that you were looking for some suggestions with preschool separation anxiety. I’ve taught and assisted with preschoolers. Here are some things that might help. Tell the parent that you suggest a “quick break” and have the parent tell you when she is ready to give you the child. If mom has a hard time “being ready” you can ask her “Are you ready mom?” In my experience, I have found that she will say yes when asked. You can tell her that she can call and check on how the child is doing. (If mom insists on staying, I recommend that she stand in the hall or someplace where her child or the other children cannot see her. The other children may inform the sad child that mom is there if they see her.) Reassure the child that mommy will come back to pick him or her up after school and talk about the fun things planned for that day. After “the break”, if the child is reluctant to play, see if the child wants to draw a picture to give to mommy when she comes back. If the child doesn’t want to do anything, see if the child wants to watch for mommy by looking out a window. I did this when babysitting and the child did for a short time and then was fine. Having the child hold a picture of mom in school is an idea too. Sharing a story with mom of a similar experience you went through as a mom might help mom feel better. If you are working in a Christian school you can pray that Jesus will help mom and the child to not feel so sad. Hope this helps. Remember – If God brings you to it, He’ll get you through it! It will get better. Happy Teaching!

  2. I love your Riesen candy printable, but is there anyway you could make a jpg with several on one page? I’d like to print off several for the teachers at our school and I would need 70. I don’t want to print off 70 pages.

    • Debbie! Hi! I wish I was more technological and knew how to do this for you! My only suggestion would be to print 4, and then cut and paste to one page. Then copy that? I hope it works! Sorry I couldn’t be of more help! :-)

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