An Inspirational St. Patrick’s Day Windsock

an inspirational st. pat's day windsockI never meant to become so obsessed with windsock crafts.

It seems that every month, however, we make a new one that I enjoy sharing with y’all!

The thing I like about windsocks is that they are generally very easy to create and they make a lovely statement when hung in the right spot in your Happy Home.

This windsock came together very quickly yesterday afternoon when the Happy Baby was napping and the Happy Buddy asked if we could paint.

So, I apologize that I don’t have a tutorial of step by step photos for you.

Sometimes it’s good to just be in the moment of the craft with my boy instead of hanging over his head with a camera. :-)

windsock 2We simply painted 2 white paper plates black.

Then we stapled them together, adding rainbow-colored streamers across the bottom.

We cut off the top part of the plates to make it look like a pot.

Next we cut out some rounded gold coins from yellow paper and taped it to the inside of the plates.

an inspirational st. pat's day windsock with poemWe glued on THIS SPECIAL LITTLE FREE PRINTABLE from HERE and talked about how God loves us more than a leprechaun loves his gold.

Finally, we taped a piece of green ribbon to the back of the plates.

windsockNow our windsock is hanging in the kitchen as a reminder that we are, indeed, God’s most treasured possession!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Windsock-ing! :-)

One thought on “An Inspirational St. Patrick’s Day Windsock

  1. We don’t use paperplates of have any of the crepe paper on hand…. AND my printer is out of ink…lol.. BUT I plan on doing this today with what we do have. Construction paper and ribbon and a handwritten note on it. Thanks for the idea!! :)

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