I Am a Winner

Last night some serious competition went down over at the Parents Blog Awards Facebook page!

At around 11 pm, things looked like this – blog awards

And then the gal at 38% (who is lovely and wonderful and totally deserving of the award – you can check out her site HERE) sent out a Facebook blast that bumped her up to 40% by the time midnight rolled around.

I have to admit, I felt disappointed.

The Happy Hubby picked up on my mood (although I think the big mopey face I was wearing wasn’t too hard to miss!). :-)

He wrapped his arms around me, gave me the sweetest hug and told me that I was a winner.

Maybe not of a Parents Magazine Blog Awards, but in his eyes, I was a winner.

And then we began to brainstorm a list of all the other ways this Blog Awards competition has proven that I am a winner…

I am a winner because my husband opened a Facebook account just so that he could vote for me.

I am a winner because my mom has literally told every single person she has come in contact with over the last 2 weeks (I am not even kidding about this – she told restaurant servers, grocery clerks, etc.) to vote for me.

I am a winner because my mom and dad – while out to dinner celebrating their 34th wedding anniversary, mind you – were texting and calling everyone in their address books to solicit votes for their crazy fairy daughter.

I am a winner because while scrolling through friends’ Facebook pages I saw their little shared voting boxes saying they had voted for me.

I am a winner because my church sent out an email to everyone in the congregation just to ask for votes for me!

I am a winner because when I drove into our church parking lot for worship Sunday morning, two of the deacons (men, mind you!) that were helping park cars greeted me with, “You’ve got our votes!”

I am a winner because my friend, Trisha, over at 24/7 Moms, dedicated a whole blog post on her incredible site to trying to win the Fairy more votes.

I am a winner because many of you wrote to me that you snuck into your husbands’ Facebook accounts just so you could vote a second time!  I can’t believe you’d even take the time to do that!

I am a winner because every day (well not every day.  Especially not every day last week when everyone in our Happy Home – including me! – got dreadfully sick and we were all sitting on the couch like blobs coughing and watching Pokoyo episodes all day long), but most days I get to create new blog posts to encourage you sweet mommies to have Happy Homes (I love this!).

I am a winner because after thanking my brother-in-law via text for all the campaigning he was doing on my behalf to all the people in his world, he wrote back, “We love helping you.  Your blog is great.  You have let the light of our Savior shine through your posts – both in creativity and love.  Win or not, you are a blessing to so many people!  Rest in God’s favor tonight.  HE voted for you through His Son!”

Now THAT was the greatest reminder of all.

Because even if I didn’t have an amazing husband, supportive parents, family, friends, and a church that believes in me and what I feel called to do – even if I didn’t have incredible Facebook friends or email subscribers or awesome Happy Home Fairy community or absolutely NO votes in the Parents Blog Awards, I’d still have His vote.

And His vote is the one that counts.

His vote for me (and YOU) is cast on a daily basis with these precious words:

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

The hope that we have in Christ is better than any earthly prizes or recognition gained on earth.

We never EVER have to feel like losers, my friends, because God’s vote for us is everlasting.

“I have loved you with an everlasting love…” Jeremiah 31:3

So today I pray that each of YOU will feel like winners as you go about your business (and business that doesn’t involve voting anymore!  Woohoo!).

You are a winner because the Lord says so.

And although my word would never be greater than His, the Happy Home Fairy says you are a winner too.

You are a winner because you have blessed me with your dedication to loving and serving and building your Happy Homes.  YOU are the reason this site exists!!!

Pretend I am giving you all blue ribbons and trophies right now.

Well, actually, since I am a fairy I would probably hand out sparkly magic wands. :-)

Love you TONS and TONS and thanks again for EVERYTHING.

– Julie, Winner :-)

24 thoughts on “I Am a Winner

  1. I am a fairly new follower of the Fairy and I voted for you every time I was online. You are DEFINITELY a winner. And, while I did enjoy checking out the other blogs, (Jillee’s blog is interesting), for my life, you ABSOLUTELY make MY life as CHO EASIER! Love all your ideas and posts! THANKS!

  2. Yep, no doubt you are a winner!! In all your sparkle Jesus shines through and shines brightly!! Glad to have seen a happy face on Happy Buddies face yesterday! Thanks for all your encouragement.

  3. Those who seek the honor of men have received their reward in full, but those live righteously before the Father will be rewarded by Him. (Paraphrasing Matthew 6)

  4. Julie you are a “winner” in everyones hearts that know you, whether it’s in person or via your blog or via all those that voted because they love you so very much. Phil. 1:6 comes to my heart for you, indeed, he chose to start this good work in you to bless others and will continue this work you are gifted to do! Most importantly you are a WINNER for HIM! A heartfelt thanks to you for every blog you write and every heart you touch! Be blessed always!

  5. Hello, I just wanted to drop you a little note here to tell you how impressed I am with you. This is the first time I have visited your blog, I stopped by because Jillee mentioned how gracious you were. I love how you are able to be so positive and I can see Jesus shining through your words. I will be following you now too. Happy blogging!

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  7. I just want to say how happy I am that I found your blog. I have to admit, I have been following Jillee’s blog for some time now and love her blog! I actually voted for her a couple times for the blog award. However, I had never heard of your blog until I clicked on your link after I voted. I don’t know it that will make you feel better but that is how I found you yesterday. And I’m so glad about it. I checked out a few of your recent blog posts and started following you. Today is the first blog email that I have received and I absolutely love the heart of your blog. I am a fellow believer of the wonderful things Jesus Christ has done for me/us and it was so refreshing to read your blog today to remind me of His love for me. You are truly making a difference. Keep it up! :)

  8. Julie, you absolutely are the winner in my eyes (Grammy eyes, former teacher eyes, sister in Christ eyes)! Maybe pink eye as one of my little twin granddaughters I am babysitting has it ….anyway just wanted to say you are amazing in every way, and bless us all daily!

  9. Praises for allowing God to be your one and only judge. He appreciates you using and sharing your God given gifts, and giving him all the glory. Bless you

  10. You are *FAIRY* special to so many homes! I have to say I am a long time follower of yours and I have been inspired, blessed and encouraged by your words many times. You are definitely a winner. May you and your happy home continue to be blessed and to bless others.

  11. Hi Julie,

     S omehow I missed this one about the final vote.  I so wish you could have won, but completely love your attitude.  Who know (of course He does) what else will come from this!!!   I can’t tell you enough how much it means to me that my daugther in law gets your blog – and loves it.  It is such an answer to prayer for me.    You bless me in sooo many ways!!

    love TERRI

  12. I wanted to let you know that you may have seen my curly brown haired 15 year old boy voting for you several times. He has a facebook and I don’t, so I had to secretly go onto his account and vote for you there. Shhhhhhhh mums the word, if his friends found out that he was voting for the Happy Home Fairy Blog his Macho attitude would be questioned. All that being said, the Joy that you have and will spread through your blog makes you a woman that continues to run the race. We all strive to be winners here on Earth, but the real win comes when we are standing before the throne of our Savior and Jesus says, “Well done my good and faithful Servant”. May God continue to pour out his love into your heart so that you can pour into ours. We are blessed.

  13. Thanks forsharing your heart. Your postmade me cry. Your blog encourages me so much. I appreciate all you do. You are awesome and you’ve helped to make my home a happier place!

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