Calling all Mommies!

The Fairy needs your help!

FAIRYToday is the LAST day of voting for the Parents Magazine’s Best Blog Awards.

The Fairy is nominated under the category “Most Likely to Make Life as CHO (Chief Household Officer) Easier”.

Winners will be featured in Parents Magazine!

One of the gals in the running started to rally her Facebook troops the other day and I quickly fell to 2nd place.

I am feeling a bit like Gideon must have felt when God shaved his army down to about 300 men and he was up against an army of thousands! Ha!

But I trust Him.  If there is a victory here for the Fairy then I know He can do it.  And if not, I will be okay!

And God will still be good. :-)

Plus, the girl that is in the lead really deserves to win.  She is amazing!

I am not going to lie – I will be slightly relieved once this thing is over so that I don’t have to keep petitioning for votes – I have never been good at or felt comfortable soliciting people.

In the end, though, whatever the outcome, this whole process has just brought me so much encouragement that y’all would even vote for me in the first place!

So, for one last time – will you please vote?  And please consider sharing this post with everyone you know?

Click the image below or click HERE to vote RIGHT NOW! :-)

Parents Blog Award Finalist

Thank you so much for your help and faithfulness to this site.

You bless me more than you will ever, EVER know.


Julie (The Fairy)

8 thoughts on “LAST DAY OF VOTING! ENDS AT 11:59 PM TONIGHT!

  1. Hi Julie!
    I have voted almost every day for you as I look forward every day to reading your blog- it is my very favorite! I pray you win but please know even if you don’t get the most votes, you are a favorite to many of us!! Keeping you in my prayers!

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