A Valentine for the Mail Carrier – FREE Printable!

free printable valentine for your mail carrier! This is adorable! happyhomefairy.com

Well, y’all can be confident in how I feel about you as I  am letting you see a photo of my dirty, dirty mailbox! :-)

Just before Christmas, our  mail carrier (that had been bringing our mail since we moved in 8 years ago) was re-routed.

I was really disappointed!

But the Lord convicted me with this thought, “Yes, the old mail carrier will be missed, but I am bringing you someone new – someone else I want you to share My love with.”

Along came Mail Carrier Carla.

We’ve been busy getting to know her – so much so that the Happy Buddy has a little toy mail truck that he pretends is Miss Carla’s. :-)

I thought a special Valentine would help express our appreciation for her faithfulness…

Here is what Miss Carla will be receiving this Valentine’s Day.free printable valentine for your mail carrier at happyhomefairy.com!

free printable valentine for the mail carrierI’m thinking a plate of my Aunt Greta’s Famous Brownies are in order as well.

Would you like to bless your mail carrier too?

You can print your own FREE Mail Carrier Valentine by clicking HERE.

Happy FREE Printable Valentine for the Mail Carrier-ing! :-)

*I was inspired to make this FREE Printable by a similar one I found at the blog Over the Big Moon.  They created a special FREE Printable note for your mail carrier that works year ’round.  Check it out HERE.*

6 thoughts on “A Valentine for the Mail Carrier – FREE Printable!

  1. Thank you for this! We tend to have a different mail carrier every day (really), but I know it will bless whoever God brings our way that day!

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