Snowman Popcorn Wrapper – FREE Printable!

popcorn wrapper

I am always looking for creative ways to Ding Dong Ditch.

These Snowman Popcorn Wrappers are just the thing to leave on a neighbor’s doorstep or slip into the hands of a loved one (ie. teacher, pastor, grocery store cashier, librarian, etc.)

popcorn wrapper 1First, grab a couple packages of microwaveable popcorn.

Then print the FREE Printable Snowman Popcorn Wrapper (see link at bottom of this post).

popcorn wrapper 4popcorn wrapper 2Wrap it around the popcorn bag and attach with a glue dot or piece of double-sided tape.

Add a little construction paper hat if you’d like. Β Or if you live in super cold weather then you could use an inexpensive glove and some ribbon as the hat (you can see an example of this HERE).

WhatΒ a cute way to ‘pop’ some joy into someone’s world this January!popcorn wrapper 5

Get your FREE Printable Snowman Popcorn Wrapper HERE!

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Happy Snowman Popcorn Wrapper-ing! :-)

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