Fairy Favorites – The Giant Fry and Other Randomness

Welcome to Happy Home Fairy!  If you are new here, I started a new series called Fairy Favorites – sporadic posts celebrating the little things in life.  Thinking about these small blessings has really helped me keep my focus on what He has done in my life, instead of on what He hasn’t.

It is my prayer that in sharing these little things that you, dear Reader, will be inclined to consider your own little things, in hopes that the exercise will inspire a grateful heart in the day-to-day mothering madness. :-)

Today’s Fairy Favorites include…

fave things book

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Have you people read this book?!!?

It is soooo adorable.

Seriously, this little boy wakes up one wintery day to his snowman looking slightly disheveled and droopy.  It prompts him to wonder what the snowman had been up to all night long that would make him look so different from the perky, perfectly formed creation he had made the day before.

Your Happy Buddies will love imagining with the author all of the fun adventures the snowmen go on while the rest of the world sleeps.

It’s such a great January read!fave things stamps

Y’all know I am a big fan of snail mail.

And you know I love Disney.

Combine the two with this set of Disney stamps I picked up at the post office the other day and talk about rocking the corner of an envelope!

I like to think that the people on the other end of our water bill get a smile on their face when they receive our magical payment. :-)fave things fry

We hit up a restaurant the other day to celebrate my upcoming 30th birthday and the Happy Buddy went bonkers over this giant fry he found on his plate.

We had to document it’s unprecedented length!fave things color crew

The Happy Buddy was playing around on Netflix one morning when he stumbled upon this cutest show ever.

You won’t be able to watch just one episode.


Even the Happy Baby loves it – drained 7 ounces the other day in about 10 minutes all while having eyes glued to the Color Crew.

Click Image for Product Information

Click Image for Product Information

Finally, my mom recently picked up one of these awesome Better Homes and Gardens Storage Containers from WalMart for me.

It is so nice!  They are really affordable, stack easily, and have an incredible seal.

If you’re looking to get more organized in 2013, I say start with these!  Your pantry will thank you!

What little blessings are you thankful for this week??

Happy Fairy Favorite-ing! :-)

4 thoughts on “Fairy Favorites – The Giant Fry and Other Randomness

  1. I love the “Snowmen” books too! The fun doesn’t end when the story is over – the illustrator had hidden 4 or 5 objects in every painting throughout the books… the Snowmen at Night book has a cat, a rabbit, a mouse, and one non-animal item I can’t remember right now – trying to find the hidden objects in the clouds, snowbanks, and other areas of each painting is so much fun for kids and many are so well hidden that it can be quite a challenge for adults too…. which is nice because I think it deflates the eagerness of l’il ones when their mom or dad says they have found the object seconds after they begin to look for it!
    I love your blog!! So glad I found it!! So cheery and packed full of great, love-inspiring ideas!!
    Wishing you a most wonderful day!

  2. This week I am super happy for the stash of fun scented lotion my Mom gave me for Christmas from Bath & Body works. It’s super cold outside and it makes me itchy, so to be able to turn to all my fun choices and decide which to use today, makes me happy.
    I am also happy for the new slow cooker recipe book I got this weekend, I am excited to look through all the fun new recipes that can be cooking all day while I am at work and will be ready for me when I get home. That is a nice reward at the end of the day!
    It sounds silly, but the third thing that makes me happy today is I found a pattern online of a free acorn embroidery border. Acorns are special to me: it was one item I said I was thankful for one night in my prayers, and ever since, I have found acorns in many places! So whenever I see an acorn, I take it as God telling me he loves me. :) What can make me happier than that?
    And lastly, I am happy for you. I think you are a neat person and I love what you offer every day. Thanks for all you do! :)

  3. I just have to say I love your blog. I have been following you for a while and I am so impressed and inspired. I love most of all how open you are to sharing the love of god with others. I love how you are not afraid to share your beliefs. I love how much you rely upon the Lord and turn to him in all you do. I truly hope I can be more like you in this thing. I need to be more brave. I even used your example in a church lesson I was teaching a few months ago. I am excited to check out the snowman book. My kids also love the color crew. Check out “color inspirations” and “art and music” made by the same makers of the color crew. Thanks for your great post.

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