Fairy Favorites – The Christmas Gift Edition

I had a lot of fun writing THIS POST for you about some of my favorite things I enjoyed throughout the Christmas season.

It was really therapeutic for me to dwell on those small, favorite ‘happies’ that help cheer me up even on the most difficult day.

We tend to be super aware of the big blessings He gives us (our family, our homes, jobs, etc.), but often miss the little reminders of His love that He sends our way on a daily basis (a parking space up front, a day with no humidity – this is important for people who have frizzy hair like me -, or a snail mail from a friend…).

So I thought I might launch a series on Happy Home Fairy called Fairy Favorites where I occasionally share with you the little things that are blessing me.

It’s my prayer that in sharing these little things that you, dear reader, will be inclined to consider your own little things, in hopes that the exercise will inspire a grateful heart in the day-to-day mothering madness. :-)

Today’s Fairy Favorites include 5 of my favorite gifts that I received for Christmas this year…

favorite xmas gifts - boots#1 – A new pair of boots.

I hang my head in shame because I have never really been known to have a great sense of style.

Most of my wardrobe is comprised of clothes that I wore when I was in high school (which, if you’re thinking How, after 2 babies, does she still fit in her high school clothes?  you have a very valid point and the answer is – I don’t – which makes the whole matter all the worse).

I am always, ALWAYS about 2 years behind when it comes to what’s trendy.

By the time I catch on to what everyone’s wearing, everyone has already moved on to something else.

It’s taken me 2 years to get with the whole cute boot trend and boy am I glad they are still in style because I love them so much!  I even wear them with my pajamas (more evidence that you won’t be seeing me on Project Runway anytime soon)!!

favorite xmas gifts - eyes#2 – Giant Googly Eyes.

I don’t know about you but I am very passionate about googly eyes.

So when I opened this gift from my little brother and his girlfriend, I almost fell off the couch because I was so excited.

Now I just need to figure out where to put my giant pair of googly eyes…  I am thinking it’s going to have to be on something of the Happy Hubby’s as a funny surprise…  Maybe his car or his dresser?

favorite xmas gifts - book#3 – Beth Moore’s Breaking Free Day By Day Devotional Book.

Have any of you ever done the Beth Moore Breaking Free study?

It will totally and completely change your life.

I did it a few years ago with my mother-in-love and sisters-in-love. :-)  Loved every second of it.

So when I was given this devotional that has little daily snippets to read every morning, I knew it was just the thing I needed for a new year of quiet times.

favorite xmas gifts - splatter#4 – A Splatter Shield.

Holy cow I wish I had known about these things sooner!

Now when I make bacon we don’t slip and slide all over the floors from all the grease popping everywhere!

I truly loathe mopping, so anything that helps me avoid this particular chore is my new best friend.

twilight#5 – Twilight.

Okay, people.

I know that there are groups of precious friends who probably view this movie as less-than-wholesome, but I am just being honest with y’all and would appreciate it if you don’t judge me for absolutely loving every second of this movie! :-)

The Happy Hubby gave it to me as an anniversary present (we celebrated our 9th on December 27th, so it’s kind of like a Christmas gift) because I have been asking him for months if he’d watch it with me (note – I am also several years behind on whatever movies and books are trendy).

I was sooooo excited when I opened it up and we watched it as a part of our anniversary date.

LOOOOOOOVED it and maybe, just maybe, the Happy Hubby liked it, too, although you did NOT hear that bit of news from me or this very public blog.

Made the Happy Hubby drive me to Target the next day so that we could buy part 2.

Then discovered that my next door neighbor has the whole series so now you know why I haven’t blogged much since 2013 began.  Haha! :-)

And there you have it!

What were your favorite Christmas gifts?

Happy Fairy Favorites-ing! :-)

13 thoughts on “Fairy Favorites – The Christmas Gift Edition

  1. Have absolutely got to see last movie. EPIC. I have read all books 4 times. My 70 year old father can pretty much quote the first movie word for word(me too). Went to convention in Nadhville. I am definitely a Twihard. Have more memorbilia than most teenagers.(he,he).

      • Met Carlise in person and got autograph. Had different contest. A Vampire ball, breakfast with certain characters. I got sick and had to leave early but some friends got all the autographs. My friend won one of the contest and got to dance with Mike. I have been to every midnight showing except the last one. They had a Twilight marathon at the theater and I saw all 5 movies back to back. Now I am almost 50 but I loved these books and movies. I always take middle and high school friends with me to the midnight showings. They want to go so I take them so their parents can sleep. My one and only rule is they have to get up and go to school the next day or else. No one has missed school yet and Twilight movies are not the only midnight movies we go see. If you go with me you better be wearing Twilight and if you don’t have any I’ll loan you something. I make something new for every movie. One of the managers always looks to see what I have new. I even have nail decals for every finger:) by the way I am team Edward from book one.

  2. LoL… I finally read the whole Twilight series when I was home with Wesley this fall and watched all the movies back to back…. then got REALLY mad because I thought they were all out but apparently Breaking Dawn part II wasn’t haha. And sadly I still haven’t seen it! I’ll watch them with you ANY time :)

  3. My husband may or may not have rented ALL of the Twilight movies when I was out of town once. He refuses to see them in the theater but is the first to watch when they’re released to DVD. Makes me laugh!! I have since caught up and have seen them all, but men who love Twilight must unite :) LOL!!

  4. I love All of Beth Moore books! her church is in my hometown Houston, Tx and while i was visiting home one year, she taught a womens bible study I got to attend! Anyhow, wheni came to Christ in 2001, Breaking Free is one if the first books I did! Like you said, it was Very life changing for me! I would highly recommend that book to everyone!!!

  5. I LOVE the googly eyes. I put them all over the house to remind me and my girls that God is always watching. I am going online to look for those big ones right now. Thank you.

  6. No judgement from me about the Twilight movies! I was a fan of the books and have seen (and now own) all of the movies on DVD. I always wonder when people say things—How in the world are they unwholesome? They wait until they’re married to consummate their relationship! If that ain’t wholesome, I don’t know what is. ;) Cute boots, too!

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