Leafy Things

A friend of mine recently flew up to North Carolina for a few days.

I begged her to bring me back a real fall leaf.

Here in Florida the leaves really aren’t much to write home about.

I’m thankful for projects like these that remind me of the beauty that is out there in non-90-degree-places. :-)

Click Image for Idea

I really like the spin I Can Teach My Child put on traditional leaf rubbing by throwing some puffy stickers on top to reveal her Happy Buddy’s name.

Click Image for Idea

I did this Fall Leaf Baggie Painting craft from Toddler Approved with the Happy Buddy the other day!

It was AMAZING – and oh-so-simple.

Click Image for Idea

Learn Create Love has an easy Fall Leaf Suncatcher craft that would look so lovely in the window.

Click Image for Idea

Isn’t this Fall Leaf Coffee Filter Garland from Lil Sugar just stunning?

And not hard at all to make!

Click Image for Idea

I.D. Mommy collected fall leaves with her Happy Buddies and with some contact paper transformed them into beautiful placemats.

Click Image for Idea

A little tissue paper and some glue and you have the perfect Leaf Wreath for your front door!

Check out Inner Child Fun for the how-to.

Click Image for Idea

Messy fun is good fun.

The Imagination Tree features this Shaving Cream Marbling Autumn Leaves craft that any Happy Buddy would love.  Plus, the results are so aesthetically appealing!

Click Image for Idea

Finally, Happy Home Fairy has a super simple Leaf People craft that will leave everyone in giggles.

There’s also a ridiculously adorable FREE Printable tag that comes with the post – a cute way to bless your Happy Hubby, neighbors, friends, etc. –  so make sure you check it out HERE!

Can you be-LEAF all these amazing projects?

And there’s a whole other post featuring easy Leaf Crafts from last year – go HERE to be inspired.

Happy Leafy Thing-ing! :-)

2 thoughts on “Leafy Things

  1. I’m loving all of these leaf projects. I too am a Floridian, so have to make a bit of our own Fall color. Once in awhile in the winter our Maple leaves turn really pretty colors if the weather conditions are just right. When that happens I send colored leaves to my family up north just for fun, because they send them to me every fall. :)

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