Painted Pumpkin Inspiration

Usually the ideas I put on this blog are catered to the littles.

But today…  Today’s post is for all you crafty mamas out there who like DIY pretty things!

Just look at these beautiful pumpkins – each painted in a simple, yet elegant way.

Maybe when your Happy Buddies are in bed you can break out your paints and create!

Click Image for Idea

These cheerful pumpkins were painted by whatever.

I am totally digging all those bright colors!  Just looking at this photo makes me grin.

Imagine if you painted a similar one yourself and gave it to someone as a happy fall surprise – that would totally make their day.

Click Image for Idea

Home Stories A to Z made this Easy Polka Dot Pumpkin using some circle stickers and spray paint.

Click Image for Idea

Chevron is all the rage right now.

This Chevron Pumpkin over at Feeling Lovesome was made by using masking tape!

Click Image for Idea

Ahhhh… Chalkboard paint.  What can’t you do??

It’s Overflowing has this adorable Chalkboard Painted Halloween Countdown Pumpkin – I love it!

Click Image for Idea

Does this Puffy Painted Pumpkin from A Beautiful Mess make you swoon?

I am thinking this would be a beautiful thing to keep around for your Thanksgiving table…

Click Image for Idea

Paint on some faces instead of carving… Much less mess and lasts a whole lot longer.

Click Image for Idea

Monogram your pumpkin with a little paint over at The Girl in the Red Shoes (this is so easy you won’t even believe it).

Click Image for Idea

And, finally, paint on the numbers of your house like the idea room!

What a cute porch decoration.

So what do you think?

Anyone want to have a Girl’s Night with me and paint some pumpkins?

Happy Painted Pumpkin-ing! :-)

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