Father’s Day Ideas for the Grill Master

I just love it when the Happy Hubby grills.

Not only does he make awesome, perfectly-charred deliciousness, but also it means less dishes for me to do!  Score! :-)

It got me to thinking that there are a lot of men out there who love to turn their grills on.

So, let’s celebrate our grill masters appropriately by firing up the grill this Father’s Day with one of these ideas…

Click Image for Idea

Honor the King of the Grill with this creative trio of Grill Cupcakes from Family Fun.

Click Image for Idea

Does your man have a sense of humor when he’s out flipping burgers?

This funny Outdoor BBQ Grill Mat found HERE had me giggling.

Click Image for Idea

Let Dad serve up his perfectly grilled BBQ Ribs on a Hand-Painted Father’s Day Grill Platter like this one from HGTV.

Your Happy Buddies will love having an easy art project to complete this week.

Click to Buy

Click to Buy

Or you could just buy an awesome platter like the one above from Coton Colors (this is my new favorite store).

Click Image for Idea

This apron from BHG couldn’t be simpler to make.

Felt, scissors, and glue is all you need to style the Grill Master in something truly authentic.

Click Image for Idea

I am kind of obsessed with these BBQ Cookies from Munchkin Munchies!

Click Image for Idea

It’s no secret that this Homemade BBQ Sauce is delicious and makes a great Father’s Day gift.

Check out the recipe at Love and Cupcakes.

You could even include a basting brush and have your Happy Buddies decorate the wood handle with paint or markers – then just tie onto the jar!

Click Image for Idea

Or how about a tasty Homemade Father’s Day Spice Rub for that perfect grilled steak like this one from My Own Ideas?

Create a label to go along with it that says something like, “Thank you for sharing your seasoned wisdom with us, Dad.” :-)

Click Image for Idea

What about a whole basket of Grilling Goodies???

Mom on Timeout created this basket of grill gifts with hilarious FREE Printable tags for any special grill lovin’ guy.

I especially liked the clever saying, “Daddies like you are RARE!”

Click Image for Idea

And, finally, need a Father’s Day gift that’s strictly between you and the hubs?

This cute idea and FREE Printable tag from The Dating Divas is just the thing to fan the flames of his heart… Wink!

I just know one of these sizzling ideas is going to make his day! 

Happy Father’s Day Grill Idea-ing! :-)

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