The Jellybean Prayer – FREE Printable!

When I was teaching 2nd grade, I had to lead a chapel service at our little school.

It was Easter time, so we decided to do a jellybean theme.

We shared the Gospel Message using a neat Jellybean Prayer.

The kids learned what the different colored jellybeans stood for SO FAST.

I thought I would share the poem we used with you, Happy Home Friends!

I have seen a different version flying around blog world (like THIS ONE or THIS ONE), but I like the simplicity and rhyme of this one.

What a powerful way to teach your Happy Buddies about Jesus!

The Happy Buddy and I layered the jellybean colors according to the poem in an old glass mushroom jar (unfortunately our bag of jellybeans did not have white ones :-() and attached the FREE Printable tag you can find at the bottom of this post.

These Jellybean Prayer Jars would make a fun gift to pass out to neighbors, friends and teachers!Or it would make a great Christ-centered addition to your Happy Buddy’s Easter basket.

However you choose to use this FREE Printable Jellybean Prayer, I pray it is a blessing!

Click HERE For your FREE Printable Jellybean Prayer Tag!

Happy Jellybean Prayer-ing! :-)

14 thoughts on “The Jellybean Prayer – FREE Printable!

  1. This will be PERFECT for me to use for my 3/4 year old Sunday School class. I am going through the Resurrection Eggs with them right now and plan on moving to the “Gospel Fuzzies”/wordless book the week after Easter. The jellybean prayer fits rights in AND I’ll probably be able to get a boatload of cheap jelly beans after Easter on sale :)

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  3. I will definitely do this with my son… I have gotten so many cute ideas from your site! Thank you for sharing and for making Jesus the center of everything you do. You are a blessing to our family!

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  9. I have been searching for a jelly bean prayer that can be tweaked for a craft other than jelly beans… am making mini churches from eggs

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