Egg-cellent Egg Crafts

Looking for a quick and easy project that your Happy Buddies will be egg-static about??

Here is a round-up of Egg-cellent Egg Crafts that are egg-actly what your Happy Home needs. :-)

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First up, Kiboomu shares this super simple (and yummy-looking) Jellybean Easter Egg.

Think thick paper, glue, scissors and lots of jellybeans!  How pretty!

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Or if your Happy Buddies prefer marshmallows, No Time for Flashcards put together this delicious project.

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How much fun are these Bubble Wrap Printed Eggs (also) from No Time for Flashcards?!

Check out the creative and magical tutorial HERE.

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Another great egg painting project can be found at Little Wonders’ Days where they made Shaving Cream Painted Easter Eggs.

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These Confetti Eggs are so happy!

Ceres Childcare put some colorful construction paper through a paper shredder and had her Happy Buddies glue the pieces to an egg-shape.

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The Happy Buddy asks me about 3,405,702,458,602 times a day to play with Play-doh.

How egg-cited is he going to be when I pull out this fabulous Play-doh Easter Egg Craft from Putti Prapancha?

I love the way Putti decorated the eggs with all kinds of neat supplies!

Click Image for Idea

Just for Fun cut up a bunch of tissue paper squares for her Happy Buddies to glue to an egg-shape.

Click Image for Idea

Imagine having a beautiful display of these easy-peasy Tie-Dyed Coffee Filter Easter Eggs from The Chocolate Muffin Tree on your front window?

Click Image for Idea

After viewing this Salad Spinner Easter Egg Craft from Kiboomu I am thoroughly regretting my decision to pitch the salad spinner we got for our wedding!

After 8 years of never using it (because I am all about pre-packaged/pre-washed salad bags), I thought it was just a cabinet space hog.

I had no idea it could create such egg-stravagant art!

Click Image for Idea

Beautiful colors and interesting textures will make your Happy Buddies senses go wild when they make these Textured Easter Eggs from Gummy Lump.

Click Image for Idea

Finally, this Contact Paper Egg Craft transformed into a garland from Four Flights of Fancy is so lovely.

And egg-stremely simple to make – your Happy Buddies will have a blast!

Basically, if you have a piece of paper cut into an egg shape, as well as some glue and a bunch of cool art supplies, you can create an Easter Egg Craft that is egg-stra fun.

After all that inspiration, I hope you find a craft that you can egg-strapolate from this post (I had to crack open a dictionary for that one). :-)

Happy Egg-cellent Egg Craft-ing! :-)

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