Leprechaun Tricks – Part 2

You know those leprechauns are up to nothing but trouble when this time of year rolls around.

They will do just about anything to let you know that they do not want to be caught.

So watch out, Happy Homes, or your Happy Home might end up like one of these…

Photo Source

When Superheroes and Princesses woke up on St. Patrick’s Day morning, a leprechaun had left shamrock stickers on each person in the family’s face!

Even the dad!

Photo Source

The Jared Johnson Fam had a leprechaun turn their milk jug green!

Our Crazy Boys couldn’t use their toilet paper because a leprechaun had sealed it shut with a St. Patrick’s-themed sticker.

In our Happy Home, toilet paper is NOT something you mess with! :-)

Photo Source

If that isn’t bad enough, those rascals turned the toilet water green over at A Differentiated Kindergarten.

They didn’t even bother to put the seat down.  Herumph!

Photo Source

The Fickle Pickle had their entire living room turned upside down with messed up furniture, gold coins, and shamrocks.

Apparently you cannot underestimate the strength of a wee lil’ Irishman.

Photo Source

Tutu’s and Tantrums found leprechaun footprints on their refrigerator!

Photo Source

Inside the fridge, Many Little Blessings discovered that a leprechaun had somehow managed to transform an unopened carton of Cool Whip green!

You can read her guess as to how the leprechaun did this trick HERE.

Photo Source

The Muddy Princess household found that their shoelaces had all been switched out for green ones.

Photo Source

And one little leprechaun had to make sure that the Happy Buddies in this Happy Home were practicing their letters.

Photo Source

Inner Child Fun found leprechaun trickery OUTSIDE their Happy Home!

Photo Source

And, finally, this leprechaun left a taunting note.

Man, will we ever catch one of those boogers?!

To read about some more Leprechaun Tricks, check out Part 1 in THIS AMAZING POST.

I hope they won’t wreck your Happy Home too much!!!

Happy Leprechaun Trick-ing! :-)

9 thoughts on “Leprechaun Tricks – Part 2

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  4. I do this every year in my classroom with preschoolers. At the beginning of the week it is a huge mess and fingerprints everywhere. The kids get ‘happy’ and then the conversation starts out with how they can teach the leprechauns (Lucy, Lucky, Larry, and Lenny) to clean. The children leave a note for the leprechauns. Each day the mess gets smaller and smaller, the leprechauns on the last day leave a note thanking the children for teaching them how to clean and their mommies are really happy so the leprechauns leave a green treat! The children love to come to class and see what new mess the leprechauns made and to see if they left a note for them!!!! It is a great way to teach responsibility and revisit why we clean our room each day!

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