Leprechaun Crafts


It’s said that if you catch one (you can read how to do that HERE), they have to lead you to their pot of gold and give you all of their treasure.

BUT these pesky little creatures aren’t easy to catch and often end up making a wreck of your Happy Home!

Even still, while quite mischievious – you can read about some of their antics HERE – leprechauns can be awfully cute.

Especially in the form of one of these great crafts!

Click Image for Idea

I love these little Leprechaun Hat Party Favors from Canadian Living!

Would you believe that the hat is a small tupperware container painted green???  Brilliant!

Click Image for Idea

My tummy is getting really big (can you believe I only have about 5 more weeks to go until Baby’s here?!), so we are flying through the tp over here.

I’m thinking the Happy Buddy and I are going to have to make one of these Leprechaun Toilet Paper Roll Men from Moments of Mommyhood with one of the extra rolls we have laying around our Happy Home. :-)

Click Image for Idea

And then we might have to whip up one of these Leprechaun Spoons from Preschool Daze with the extra orange yarn.

What a funny thing to sneak into your Happy Buddy’s sock drawer or lunch pail.  Or even his teacher’s desk drawer!

Click Image for Idea

These Leprechaun Ears from Make and Takes had me giggling.

They almost make me think of Star Trek instead of Irish folklore, but what a great photo opp!

Click Image for Idea

The ears made me giggle – but this Leprechaun Beard from No Time for Flashcards had me DUBLIN over with laughter!

(Did you catch that witty pun???) :-)

Click Image for Idea

If the ears and beard aren’t enough for your Happy Buddy to feel like a real leprechaun, then you must try this simple Leprechaun Mirror Craft from Family Fun.

Click Image for Idea

Or, while your Happy Buddies are sleeping, have the little leprechauns decorate the framed photographs of your family members on the wall with some hat and beard embellishments.  Hilarious!

Click Image for Idea

And now for a few Happy Home Fairy Leprechaun Ideas!

I made my little Happy Buddy into a little Lepre-CUTIE last year using just some paint, a paper plate, construction paper, and a picture of him.

Go HERE for directions.

Wouldn’t it be fun to make these for your Happy Buddies and have them hanging on their bedroom doors this month?

Click Image for Idea

The Happy Buddy and I also had fun searching for leprechauns around our Happy Home with this Magical Leprechaun Finder from HERE.

This year the Happy Buddy really wanted to do a project with goggly eyes, so I gave him a simple paper Leprechaun Hat to decorate with stickers and then I added it to a face and beard.

We LOVE how it came out!

I hope you find something fun here to celebrate those Irish fairies!

Happy Leprechaun Craft-ing! :-)

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